Ecosummit Videos

Smart Green Business TV

Our Youtube channel Ecosummit TV features the videos of Europe’s leading smart green startups, investors and corporates in energy, mobility and cities in HD quality and looks beautiful on big and small screens. Ecosummit TV provides 1.200 videos (660.000 views). All 83 videos recorded at ECO21 Berlin are online on Youtube and 15 videos are presented below. Thank you for watching Ecosummit TV and spreading the word.

Gerard Reid pitches Alexa Capital

Philipp Schröder pitches 1KOMMA5°

Nils Aldag pitches Sunfire

Sebastian Berning pitches Instagrid

Johannes Burgard pitches Solytic

Thuy Bui pitches TotalEnergies Ventures

Victor Sancho pitches Ezzing Solar

Petr Míkovec pitches Inven Capital

Dainis Kruze pitches Aerones

Jeppe Hjørngaard pitches Vestas Ventures

Liliane Ableitner pitches Exnaton

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi pitches Rebase Energy

Marija Dimitrijević pitches Dwelt

Florian Meyer-Delpho pitches Installion

Friedrich Rojahn pitches Solandeo