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Our beautiful Youtube channel Ecosummit TV provides 1.400 videos (760.000 views) featuring Europe’s leading smart green startups and investors in energy, mobility and cities. 108 videos recorded at Ecosummit Berlin 2023 are public on our Youtube channel Ecosummit TV and linked next to each speaker in the agenda. 40 startup pitch videos are embedded below. Thank you for watching Ecosummit TV and spreading the word. Let’s meet again at Ecosummit Berlin 4-5 June 2024 to accelerate smart green startups.

Nicholas Hawker pitches First Light Fusion

On 5 April 2022, First Light Fusion, the University of Oxford fusion spin-out, announced it has achieved fusion. The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has independently validated the result. This is the first time fusion has been achieved using the unique targets developed by First Light, and the corresponding projectile technology. First Light’s mission is to solve the problem of fusion power with the simplest machine possible. Projectile fusion is a new approach to inertial fusion that is simpler, more energy efficient, and has lower physics risk. First Light has achieved fusion having spent less than £45 million, and with a rate of performance improvement faster than any other fusion scheme in history.

Davor Sutija pitches Nexwafe

In Q4 2021, Nexwafe raised €39M Series C led by Reliance New Energy Solar and supported by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures and Innoenergy enabling Nexwafe to further develop and market its green solar wafer manufacturing technology. Next to investing a ticket of €25M, Reliance plans to license and deploy Nexwafe’s technology in its new solar giga factory in India. Now Nexwafe is raising €100M Series D to bring in more strategic partners.

Sebastian Berning pitches Instagrid

Instagrid provides portable green power to professionals and mobile lifestyle optimisers in all kinds of offgrid situations, including construction sites, ubiquitous events, smart forests or sustainable picknicks in the park enhanced by electric BBQs and powerful sound systems. Instagrid raised €40M and is backed by Energy Impact Partners and SET Ventures.

Philipp Schröder pitches 1KOMMA5°

Founded in 2021, 1KOMMA5° is a company aggregator buying solar installers in Germany, Sweden and other countries to build a European climate tech powerhouse providing PV, batteries, EV charging stations and heat pumps to residential customers. According to Philipp, 1KOMMA5° already acquired 10 companies, employs 500 people and installed a total of 36.000 PV systems in the past. Following a private equity acquisition strategy, 1KOMMA5° aims at growing as fast as possible to convert millions of households to all-electric renewable homes. Only as a unicorn this startup makes sense and generates enough impact.

Frank Schlichting pitches Kiwigrid

Kiwigrid builds the operating system for renewable energy. The new KiwiOS X and the energy manager Voyager X enable an open energy IoT platform that connects and controls all devices and renewable energy assets in the household. Kiwigrid is open to talk to new strategic investors that share their vision and growth strategy.

Michael Peters pitches Sunvigo

Founded in Summer 2020 and having raised €10M Series A in 2021, the German solar utility startup is now going for a large Series B. Sunvigo finances, installs, owns and operates PV systems and sells a solar power contract to its residential customers to make their life super easy. The next big step is smart green heat as a service which will be launched as soon as possible. Sunvigo is backed by Eneco Ventures, Sparta Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds and smart green angels including Ecosummit.

Marcel Smit pitches Energyworx

The Dutch software startup provides a very powerful energy data analytics platform and has got 9 million smart meters connected to their energy cloud. Energyworx has got 55 employees, is backed by SET Ventures, Eneco Ventures, EDP Ventures and Engie New Ventures and is currently fundraising again.

Christoph Gardlo pitches ESFORIN

ESFORIN provides automated intraday trading and flexibility marketing, is backed by SET Ventures and Christoph Ostermann who also serves as Chairman, employs a team of 40 and is currently fundraising its Series B to finance its European expansion.

Szilard Toth pitches Epilot

Epilot provides a cloud-based e-commerce platform for small and big utilities enabling them to go digital and sell all of their products online in an easy and seamless customer journey. Founded in 2017, Epilot has got over 100 customers including Enercity which is also one of their investors. Epilot is currently raising their Series B.

Mich Hein pitches Electrochaea

In the midst of the global gas crisis it is a cool idea to make your own biogas from solar or wind energy. Electrochaea decarbonises the gas grid by producing renewable gas with the help of a biomethanation process using microorganisms. Electrochaea already raised €75M in equity and grants and is now fundraising again to build a big €60M biogas factory. In fact, it looks like we need a lot of biogas gigafactories in Europe as soon as possible. Ecosummit investors in the cap table include Energie 360° and Munich Venture Partners.

Tim Böltken pitches Ineratec

Ineratec is a spinoff of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and decarbonises aviation, shipping and the chemical industry by producing carbon neutral, synthetic e-fuels with the help of a patented power-to-liquid chemical snythesis process out of CO2 and renewable electricity. In January 2022, Ineratec raised $20M Series A from Engie New Ventures and other investors. Now Ineratec is raising its €100M Series B.

Endijs Bernics pitches Aerones

Aerones is a Riga-based wind turbine maintenance service provider minimising downtime with the help of smart robots and software developed inhouse. Aerones graduated from Y Combinator in 2018, is backed by Future Positive Capital and Change Ventures and is powered by a team of over 100 employees. Aerones works for the leading wind turbine manufacturers, wind park operators and asset owners and raises its Series A in 2022.

Kevin Rebenius pitches CorPower Ocean

The Swedish startup CorPower Ocean makes wave energy conversion devices that are very efficient and cost competitive. CorPower Ocean is currently fundraising again.

Kapil Singhal pitches Vyntelligence

The UK software startup Vyntelligence develops and provides a powerful platform for video and data analytics for the energy industry and other verticals. Vyntelligence is backed by Engie New Ventures and EDP Ventures and is currently fundraising again.

Jürgen Mayerhofer pitches Enspired

The outstanding Austrian software startup optimises energy trading with the help of a fully digital, automated flexibility trading platform. Founded in 2020, Enspired is backed by Emerald Technology Ventures and Helen Ventures and will soon raise its Series B.

Pete Armstrong pitches Mixergy

The UK hardware and software startup Mixergy decarbonises home energy by making smart hot water tanks that can be integrated with any heat pump in the market. Smart hot water tanks are also distributed energy assets that can be connected and commercialised in the flexibility market. Mixergy is growing fast and currently fundraising again. Definitely a fantastic smart green startup and investment opportunity.

Emanuel Heisenberg pitches Ecoworks

Berlin-based Ecoworks decarbonises the building stock by renovating multi-storey buildings with a prefabricated second skin for optimal insulation and a new integrated renewable energy system. Ecoworks accelerates the construction industry by making smart green buildings at scale and reduces the cost and time of renovation projects. Ecoworks is currently raising €20-30M Series A and already generates a lot of investor interest.

Andres Anijalg pitches

Tallinn-based makes beautiful 2-in-1 integrated solar metal roofs and is backed by BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures. At ECO22 Berlin, they opened their Series B financing round.

Enrique Gómez de Priego pitches Sunrgyze

The Spanish startup Sunrgyze develops and commercialises a new technology to produce hydrogen directly from sunlight using photoelectriocatalysis. Sunrgyze is a joint venture of Repsol and Enagás and is currently fundraising €20M Series A.

Matthias Karger pitches

Frankfurt-based operates the SaaS platform Opti.node to manage solar and wind power plants on commercial buildings and in open space energy farms. As of today, more than 10.000 power plants are under management. Often a PPA is being used to sell the locally produced renewable energy directly to the tenants of commercial buildings. One of’s customers is the German startup Enviria that closed a €22.5M Series A on 23 June 2022 and operates PV systems on commercial rooftops. On 27 July 2022, itself announced its €7M Series A led by Bitstone Capital and with participation of Helen Ventures.

Florian Meyer-Delpho pitches Installion

Hardware installation is a big bottleneck in the energy transition to 100% renewables. Installion connects solar installers and solar utilities and other operators. Moreover, Installion is managing its own installion hubs in order to grow the number of installers and installation jobs getting done. Installion is backed by Eneco Ventures and Enercity, raised its Series A in 2021 and is currently in the process of starting its Series B.

Pedro Ruão pitches Omniflow

The Portuguese hardware and software startup Omniflow builds smart green streetlights powered by wind and solar that enable a multitude of smart city services. The lamp posts may also include 5G base stations, batteries and computer vision technology. Omniflow is cashflow positive and currently raising €12M Series A.

Ernesto Garnier pitches Einhundert

Einhundert provides renewable energy systems to real estate property owners including PV, batteries and smart meters. Recently, Einhundert has its created a unit of inhouse installers based in Cologne and Berlin to accelerate the rollout of new PV systems. Moreover, Einhundert now also provides financing solutions to enable solar as a service. In February 2022, Einhundert closed its €6.5M Series A led by EWE but is always open to meet new investors and strategic partners.

Abdelkrim Benamar pitches PowerUp

The French startup PowerUp develops a cloud-based software platform to analyse and optimise the lifetime and sustainability of batteries. PowerUp is backed by EDF Pulse Ventures and will fundraise its Series B in 2023.

Joerg Heuer pitches EcoG

The German software startup EcoG builds the operating system for EV charging stations to reduce the cost and time-to-market of new EV charging hardware. EcoG is backed by Helen Ventures, grows fast and is currently fundraising its Series A.

Christian Adelsberger pitches Ubiq

Ubiq aims at making shared and electric mobility more sustainable and profitable with the help of AI-powered software that better predicts demand and adjusts supply to optimise asset utilisation. Ubiq is backed by Energie 360° and is currently raising €7M Series A.

Mattijs Slee pitches Battolyser Systems

Rotterdam-based Battolyser Systems develops an integrated battery and electrolyser system which aims at producing hydrogen at €1,50/kg by 2025. Battolyser is currently fundraising.

Jan-Willem Rombouts pitches Scone

The Belgian software startup develops a climate activation platform to positively influence the behaviour of employees, citizens and consumers. Scone is currently fundraising €5M to accelerate its growth and further develop the product.

Matthias Wiget pitches Eturnity

The Swiss startup Eturnity operates a SaaS platform for selling PV systems, batteries, EV charging stations and heat pumps to optimise business processes. Eturnity is currently fundraising its Series A.

Roman Alberti pitches Voltfang

The German startup Voltfang recycles second-life EV batteries and puts them to new use in stationary storage systems made by Voltfang. Voltfang is currently fundraising its Seed round.

Paul McCorquodale pitches Grid Edge

UK-based Grid Edge develops AI-powered software to improve the energy efficiency of buildings which are responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions. Grid Edge is backed by BP Ventures and is currently fundraising.

Thomas Schlegl pitches Eologix

On 8 September 2022, Eologix announced its €6M Series B led by Emerald Technology Ventures and with participation of Orlen VC, Nabtesco Ventures and Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. The Austrian startup makes smart solar-powered sensors to monitor the blades of wind turbines with the goal of saving 1-5% of annual energy production (AEP). Eologix first pitched at Ecosummit Zoom 20 July 2020 and at Ecosummit Berlin 2021.

Anselma Wörner pitches Exnaton

Exnaton provides a SaaS platform to energy providers to enable them to operate energy communities and smart dynamic tariffs. Exnaton is currently fundraising their €3M Seed round.

Arnaud Legrand pitches Energiency

The French startup provides AI-powered software to optimise energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Energiency has got a team of 30 employees, is backed by Encevo and is currently fundraising its Series B.

Natalia Tomiyama pitches Nüwiel

The Hamburg-based startup develops an electric bike trailer for urban deliveries that can be connected and synchronised with any bike. Nüwiel is backed by InnoEnergy and is currently fundraising.

Håkan Ludvigson pitches Eliq

The Swedish software startup Eliq provides an energy customer engagement app and communication platform for utilities. Eliq has got 50 employess and is backed by Inven Capital and Contrarian Ventures. Eliq is currently raising their Series B.

Marija Dimitrijević pitches Dwelt

Dwelt provides a powerful software platform for small and big utilities incorporating an increasing number of energy business process including CRM, billing and payment. Dwelt is based in Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has got 30 employees and is currently raising its Series A.

Sten Mogard pitches Skawen

The Swedish startup Skawen develops smart and energy efficient ventilation systems and also offers ventilation-as-a-service. Skawen is currently fundraising its Series A.

Luuk Veeken pitches Dexter Energy

Dexter Energy develops an AI-based energy forcasting and trade optimisation platform. At ECO22 Berlin, they opened their new financing round.

Claudius Jehle pitches Volytica Diagnostics

The Dresden-based startup analyses battery data to understand remaining lifetime and other key values that help optimise the economics and sustainability of batteries. Volytica Diagnostics is a Fraunhofer spin out and is backed by InnoEnergy. They are currently fundraising.