Ecosummit Berlin 2021 Participants

Our mission is maximising our impact until 2030, the global deadline for carbon neutrality. Ecosummit accelerates smart green startups in energy, mobility and cities to save our climate and planet. Our conferences are startup markets enabling business development, co-investing, open innovation, corporate venturing and M&A.

Our 183 in-person participants in Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021 are online below including links to Linkedin profiles and company websites to facilitate better networking. Search for VC, CVC, Startup, Corporate, Family Office, Angel, Service Provider or SPAC for fast access to your target group.

Participants are supposed to set up meetings on their own. Good meeting points are the first bar on the upper terrace or the second bar on the lower floating terrace. Having found each other you may grab any free table and start talking.

Private tickets are available for €2.000 + VAT for investors and €1.000 + VAT for startups and may be ordered by email. If you like the deal, please send us an email to request your invitation to Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021 telling us who you are and why you want to join us. We look forward to hosting you and accelerating smart green startups together. It’s going to be magic.

Each in-person participant is required to prove full vaccination (both doses), recovery or a negative COVID-19 test to access our conference location and registration. There is a local Corona test centre at Sage Club Berlin, Köpenicker Strasse 18-20, 10997 Berlin, just a 5-min walk from our conference location Spindler & Klatt (exit to Köpenicker Strasse and take a right). Thanks a lot for your support and cooperation – we can’t wait to meet you again at Ecosummit Berlin.

Please note: Ecosummit does not sell email addresses. If you find a similar offer in your inbox, please put it into your spam folder.

First Name Last Name Company
Liliane Ableitner Exnaton (Startup)
Zeyad Abul-Ella HPS (Startup)
Rajai Aghabi EOLOS (Startup)
Manuel Alamillo Klima (VC)
Nils Aldag Sunfire (Startup)
Andres Anijalg Roofit Solar (Startup)
Anton Arts SET Ventures (VC)
René Backes BASF (Corporate)
Jared Balavender Vestas Ventures (CVC)
Detlef Beister Coneva (Corporate)
Ines Bergmann-Nolting Future Energy Ventures (CVC)
Sebastian Berning Instagrid (Startup)
Freerk Bisschop (Angel)
Jakob Bitner VoltStorage (Startup)
Robert Blom Eneco Ventures (CVC)
Lucille Bonnet Klima (VC)
Alexander Bormann Enerkite (Startup)
Johann Boukhors Engie New Ventures (CVC)
Jannik Bounin Voltaro (Startup)
Carsten Brinkschulte Dryad (Startup)
Thuy Bui TotalEnergies Ventures (CVC)
Edouard Bulteau TotalEnergies Ventures (CVC)
Johannes Burgard Solytic (Startup)
Thomas Butter Ecosummit (Startup)
Yingyi Butter Huayou (Service Provider)
Beatrice Büchler Greenpocket (Startup)
Christian Chudoba Lumenaza (Startup)
Carsten Corino Sunoyster (Startup)
Jean-Baptiste Cornefert BP (Corporate)
Laurent Coulot Insolight (Startup)
Helge Daebel Emerald Technology Ventures (VC)
Stephan Decher ZAZ Ventures (Service Provider)
Matthias Dill Energy Impact Partners (VC)
Marija Dimitrijević Dwelt (Startup)
Nikolai Dobrott Apricum (Service Provider)
Louis-Ferdinand Dunning-Gribble Alexa Capital (Service Provider)
Quentin Dupraz Encevo (CVC)
Benjamin Federmann ONO (Startup)
Christian Feißt GreenCom Networks (Startup)
Victoire Ferrari Ecosummit Ambassador
Rigbert Fischer Blueworld Group (Family Office)
Andrew Janis Folkmanis Turquoise (VC)
Julien Fredonie Honda Research Institute Europe (CVC)
Klaus Fuchs Smartworks (CVC)
Christoph Gardlo ESFORIN (Startup)
Thomas Goette Greenpocket (Startup)
Ariel Golan InnoEnergy (VC)
Thomas Grigoleit Germany Trade & Invest (Service Provider)
Paulo Guedes Omniflow (Startup)
Robin Haack Bullfinch (Startup)
Claus Hackmann BASF Venture Capital (CVC)
Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi Rebase Energy (Startup)
Alexander Hain EWE (CVC)
George Hanna Twingtec (Startup)
Manuel Heckmann EcoG (Startup)
Mich Hein Electrochaea (Startup)
Emanuel Heisenberg Ecoworks (Startup)
Giulia Heiser Pfalzwerke (Corporate)
Lars Hennersdorf Energie 360° (CVC)
Jan Michael Hess Ecosummit (Startup)
Mateo Hess Ecosummit (Startup)
Simone Hess Ecosummit (Startup)
Jeppe Hjørngaard Vestas Ventures (CVC)
Niclas Holmberg Nasdaq (Corporate)
Charlotta Holmquist Blixt (Startup)
Trued Holmquist Blixt (Startup)
Michel Hunsicker EDF Pulse Ventures (CVC)
David Hunt Hyperion Executive Search (Service Provider)
Christian Hövelhaus ESFORIN (Startup)
Maximilian Hövelhaus ESFORIN (Startup)
Rishabh Jaipuria Voltaware (Startup)
Stefan Jakélius Utilifeed (Startup)
Samuel Jansson Utilifeed (Startup)
Ikarus Janzen Wi Venture (VC)
Tore Sylvester Jeppesen Haldor Topsoe (Corporate)
Olaf Joeressen High-Tech Gründerfonds (VC)
Tim Jungblut Eurazeo (VC)
Axel Kalisch Ben Fleet Services (Startup)
Kostas Karachalios Perceptual Robotics (Startup)
Mary Karunakaran Equinor Ventures (CVC)
Wolfgang Kick Hyperion Executive Search (Service Provider)
David Klemm Tensorinvestment (Angel)
Adam Kostyal Nasdaq (Corporate)
Amelie Krahl Sunoyster (Startup)
André Kremer STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (Corporate)
Stefan Krneta Dwelt (Startup)
Dainis Kruze Aerones (Startup)
Andreas Krönke Piabo (Service Provider)
Philipp Krüger Haniel (Family Office)
Felix Kunzweiler Ecosummit Ambassador
Gorazd Lampič Elaphe (Startup)
Til Landwehrmann FoxInsights (Startup)
Jan Lozek Future Energy Ventures (CVC)
Mathias Lundsgaard Kuur Vestas Ventures (CVC)
Rafael Manyari Equinor Ventures (CVC)
Jay Marathe Bryan, Garnier & Co (Service Provider)
Bart Markus GAP Technology Holding (Angel)
James McDougall Cleanwatts (Startup)
Arne Meeuw Exnaton (Startup)
Conradin Meili Energie 360° (CVC)
Florian Meyer-Delpho Installion (Startup)
Petr Mikovec Inven Capital (CVC)
Nicolas Milerioux Encevo (CVC)
Raamu Moneyam BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures (CVC)
Arne Morteani IP Group (VC)
Poul Georg Moses Haldor Topsoe (Corporate)
Michal Mravec Inven Capital (CVC)
Ben Murphy IP Group (VC)
Ståle Myhre TrønderEnergi (Corporate)
Peter Müller-Brühl GreenCom Networks (Startup)
Karel Nanninga Eneco Ventures (CVC)
Thijs Nijland ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund (VC)
Jonathan Nowak Delgado Volateq (Startup)
Sergey Ogorodnov Voltaware (Startup)
Kaspars Osis LightHouse (Startup)
Christoph Ostermann (Angel)
Oier Peñagaricano Alerion (Startup)
Michael Peither VoltStorage (Startup)
Alper Peker Lumenaza (Startup)
Martin Pentenrieder Kraftwerk (Startup)
Konrad Perényi Solytic (Startup)
Michael Peters Sunvigo (Startup)
Vincent Pichon Engie New Ventures (CVC)
Pedro Pinto Fibersail (Startup)
Till Pirnay Installion (Startup)
Christoph Prahl Volateq (Startup)
Sven Przywarra LiveEO (Startup)
Jordi Puigcorbé EOLOS (Startup)
James Quinn Faradion (Startup)
Joris Rademakers Climate Transition Capital Acquisition 1 (SPAC)
Aziz Rahim Siemens Energy Ventures (CVC)
Gerard Reid Alexa Capital (Service Provider)
Markus Reinhold Einhundert (Startup)
Kjersti Reinsnos Equinor Ventures (CVC)
Jean-Michel Reynaud Engie (Corporate)
Friedrich Rojahn Solandeo (Startup)
Tobias Rothacher Germany Trade & Invest (Service Provider)
Kathrin Rust Rockethome Climate Solutions (Startup)
Pedro Ruão Omniflow (Startup)
Stephan Röhl Ecosummit (Photographer)
Jermaine Saaltink Shell Ventures (CVC)
Fabian Sacharowitz InnoEnergy (VC)
Victor Sancho Ezzing Solar (Startup)
Fernando Sandoval Enel (Corporate)
Thomas Schlegl Eologix (Startup)
Benjamin Schott Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions (Corporate)
Philipp Schröder 1KOMMA5° (Startup)
Theodor Schulte EnBW New Ventures (CVC)
Markus Schwaninger Ecoligo (Startup)
Andreas Sedlmayr Instagrid (Startup)
Bernhard Seidl Wirelane (Startup)
Yüksel Sirmasac Rockethome (Startup)
Andreas Slettvoll Chooose (Startup)
Petra Sokolova Inven Capital (CVC)
Luis Sperr InnoEnergy (VC)
Benjamin Stanzl Stanzl Investment Advisory (Service Provider)
Alexander Starchenko First Imagine! Ventures (VC)
Nikolaus Starzacher Discovergy (Startup)
Till Stenzel SET Ventures (VC)
Marc Stilke Pointguard Ventures (Angel)
Cal Stock Sustainable Future Ventures (VC)
Andreas Stubelius Swedish Energy Agency (Accelerator)
Michel Stumpe StumFeli Ventures (VC)
Davor Sutija Nexwafe (Startup)
Michael Tekabe Ecosummit Ambassador
Aimee Thompson Ecosummit Ambassador
Wolf Thyssen Sunfire (Startup)
Robert Trezona IP Group (VC)
Jill Tully Shell Ventures (CVC)
Frans van der Werf Ecosummit Ambassador
Terhi Johanna Vapola Helen Ventures (CVC)
Manuel Vargas Evans Wirelane (Startup)
Julian von Blücher Talent Tree (Service Provider)
Nikolaus von Tippelskirch Bullfinch (Startup)
Moritz Wickert STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (Corporate)
Michael Wilshire (Angel)
Benjamin Wochner InnoEnergy (VC)
Daniel Wong Ecosummit Ambassador
Julian Zangemeister Novaco Invest (CVC)
Metin Zerman Energie 360° (CVC)
Dan Zethraeus Elonroad (Startup)
Alexey Znamenskiy First Imagine! Ventures (VC)
Hanna Zwietering ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund (VC)