Ecosummit Berlin 2020 Participants

Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021: Save the date – go decision in June 2021

Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021 currently has the status save the date. We plan to give the go decision and green light in June 2021 so we have enough time to build the agenda and list of participants and you have enough time to book your trip to Berlin. Please keep in mind that we’re dependent on the evolution of the corona crisis and any contact restrictions or public event limitations. The physical Ecosummit Berlin 2021 will be an invitation-only hybrid event with a limited number of in-person participants as well as online streaming and networking. Of course, we all hope that we can enjoy in-person networking, healthy food, tasty drinks, groovy music and high-quality video production on our physical stage. We require a recent Corona test to personally join Ecosummit Berlin and keep you posted on our hygiene and anti-Corona measures onsite. Please watch this space for updates on Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021.

Get your tickets for €200 plus VAT to join our monthly Ecosummit Zoom online events to accelerate your startup, fund or portfolio. We don’t publish Ecosummit Zoom on YouTube to keep our online events exclusive. We look forward to hosting you at Ecosummit Zoom. Thanks a lot for joining us.

The physical Ecosummit Berlin 2020 participants are online below including links to their websites and Linkedin profiles. Search for VC, startup or corporate for fast access to your target group. Please contact us to pitch your company or promote your portfolio as one of our sponsors. We look forward to hosting you at our online events and the next physical Ecosummit Berlin.

First Name Last Name Company
Ivan Albino EON (Corporate VC)
Martin Allman Hyperion Executive Search (Service Provider)
Andres Anijalg Roofit Solar (Startup)
Ariel Avitan Percepto (Startup)
Henrik Bache eSmart Systems (Startup)
Christian Bacher SAP (Corporate)
David Balensiefen GridX (Startup)
Leonie Baneke Eneco Ventures (Corporate VC)
Simon Baumgärtner Climate (Startup)
Rolf Benken e.pilot (Startup)
Christoph Berger Vilisto (Startup)
Ines Bergmann-Nolting EON (Corporate VC)
Sebastian Berning Instagrid (Startup)
Yoann Berno Next Big Thing (VC)
Alessandro Bertino Alexa Capital (Service Provider)
Jules Besnainou Cleantech Group (Service Provider)
Jennifer Dungs InnoEnergy (VC)
Ariel Golan InnoEnergy (VC)
Benjamin Wochner InnoEnergy (VC)
Carsten Bether Kiwigrid (Startup)
Karina Birkelund BKK Spring (Corporate VC)
Freerk Bisschop Rockstart (Accelerator)
Dana Blom Venture IQ (Startup)
Charlotte Blou Sand True Energy (Startup)
Christian Bogatu Fresh Energy (Startup)
Jan Christoph Bohnerth Life Size (Service Provider)
Tilo Bonow Piabo (Service Provider)
Moritz Borgmann Apricum (Service Provider)
Alexander Bormann EnerKite (Startup)
Johann Boukhors Engie New Ventures (Corporate VC)
Roald Brekkhus BKK Spring (Corporate VC)
Tobias Breyer Swobbee (Startup)
Carsten Brinkschulte Dryad (Startup)
Thomas Butter Ecosummit (Startup)
Marcus Böker Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures (CVC)
Beatrice Büchler Greenpocket (Startup)
Andrea Campana Beintoo (Startup)
Pierre Castel Moixa (Startup)
Cindi Choi Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures (CVC)
Christian Chudoba Lumenaza (Startup)
Stanislav Chvala Nano Energies (Startup)
Amabel Clark Goldman Sachs (Corporate)
Pilar Cocera Talenther (Service Provider)
Joan Collell FlexiDAO (Startup)
Eleanor Collins BP Ventures (Corporate VC)
Hans Cool Eneco Ventures (Corporate VC)
Gina Cortés Valderrama Ecosummit Ambassador
Arunava Acharyya Ecosummit Ambassador
Vasish Arvind Ecosummit Ambassador
Adil Aslam Ecosummit Ambassador
Aran Bates Ecosummit Ambassador
Alba Forns Ecosummit Ambassador
Noran Kamal Ecosummit Ambassador
Sivaraman Karthikeyan Ecosummit Ambassador
Andro Kobilic Ecosummit Ambassador
Nadja Kolibacz Ecosummit Ambassador
Gabriel Marinho Silva Ecosummit Ambassador
Nadine Moises Ecosummit Ambassador
Benedek Pasztor Ecosummit Ambassador
Hubert Put Ecosummit Ambassador
Stephanie Rawi Ecosummit Ambassador
Klara Ritter Ecosummit Ambassador
Patricia Silva Ecosummit Ambassador
Richard Stanton Ecosummit Ambassador
Nick Stokman Rockstart (Accelerator)
Julia Toups Ecosummit Ambassador
William Wiseman Ecosummit Ambassador
Evan Cummings Centrica Innovations (Corporate VC)
Simon Daniel Moixa (Startup)
Gonzague Dejouany Demeter (VC)
Antoine Delafargue Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures (CVC)
Jennifer Diedrichs EnBW New Ventures (Corporate VC)
Arnout Dijkhuizen Engie New Ventures (Corporate VC)
Matthias Dill Energy Impact Partners (VC)
Craig Douglas SET Ventures (VC)
Thomas Duscha Swobbee (Startup)
Sandra Eager BP Ventures (Corporate VC)
Karin Ebbinghaus Elonroad (Startup)
Andreas Eberhardt Pionierkraft (Startup)
Mario Eibl Gleam Bikes (Startup)
Matthias Engel innogy Ventures (Corporate VC)
Andreas Engelsen BKK Spring (Corporate VC)
Fabio Eucalipto Candi Solar (Startup)
Christian Feißt GreenCom Networks (Startup)
Kristofer Fichtner Ecoworks (Startup)
Yann Fiebig High-Tech Gründerfonds (VC)
Rigbert Fischer Blueworld Group (Family Office)
Andrew Janis Folkmanis Turquoise (VC)
Rob Fowler Voltatrucks (Startup)
Christoph Frei Emerald Technology Ventures (VC)
Doron Frenkel Driivz (Startup)
Steffen Funck Statkraft Ventures (Corporate VC)
Ernesto Garnier Einhundert Energie (Startup)
Davide Garufi CRH (Corporate)
Pippa Gawley Zero Carbon Capital (Angel)
Lars Gehlen Abacus alpha (Corporate VC)
Nacho Gimenez BP Ventures (Corporate VC)
Thomas Goette Greenpocket (Startup)
Susan Graham Dendra Systems (Startup)
Ingmar Grebien Goldman Sachs (Corporate)
Duncan Grierson Clim8 (Startup)
Illy Gruber Percepto (Startup)
Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi Greenlytics (Startup)
Alexander Hain Vattenfall (Corporate)
George Hanna Twingtec (Startup)
Manuel Heckmann EcoG (Startup)
Mich Hein Electrochaea (Startup)
Katherine Herzog Parsons BP Ventures (Corporate VC)
Jan Michael Hess Ecosummit (Angel)
Charlotta Holmquist Blixt (Startup)
Trued Holmquist Blixt (Startup)
Jon Holstad TronderEnergi (Corporate)
David Hunt Hyperion Executive Search (Service Provider)
Robert Händel OPES Solutions (Startup)
Markus Hökfelt Almi Invest GreenTech (VC)
Felix Hübner VSE (Corporate)
Stefan Hülsen Statkraft Ventures (Corporate VC)
Julian Jacob Rockstart (Accelerator)
Charlie Jardine EO Charging (Startup)
Christian Jochemich EVM (Corporate)
Svein Erik Jorgensen TronderEnergi (Corporate)
Tim Jungblut Idinvest Partners (VC)
Matthias Karger (Startup)
Nick Kendall BP Ventures (Corporate VC)
Wolfgang Kick Hyperion Executive Search (Service Provider)
Frank Kindervatter NEW (Corporate)
Kai Klapdor ENIT Systems (Startup)
Thomas Koller Enersis (Startup)
Simon Koopmann Envelio (Startup)
Adam Kostyal Nasdaq (Corporate)
Thorsten Kraft Energybase (Startup)
Felix Krause innogy Ventures (Corporate VC)
Niklas Kreifels Oxygen Technologies (Startup)
Stefan Krneta Dwelt (Startup)
Martin Kröner Munich Venture Partners (VC)
Andreas Krönke Piabo (Service Provider)
Felix Kunzweiler Ecosummit Ambassador
Daniel Kühne Kiwigrid (Startup)
Alexander Küppers Statkraft Ventures (Corporate VC)
Gytis Labasauskas WePower (Startup)
Thomas Labryga innogy Ventures (Corporate VC)
Yann Lagalaye Demeter (VC)
Francesco Lamberti Engie (Corporate)
Timo Lassak InnoEnergy (VC)
Fabian Lemke Nuventura (Startup)
Adam Ludwiczak Moelis & Company (Service Provider)
Verena Lübken Energie 360° (Corporate VC)
Christophe Maire Atlantic Labs (VC)
Bart Markus First Light Fusion (Startup)
Nikolaj Martyniuk WePower (Startup)
Christopher McLachlan EnBW (Corporate)
Alex Melzer Zolar (Startup)
Petr Mikovec Inven Capital (Corporate VC)
Nicolas Milerioux Encevo (Corporate VC)
Ramin Mokhtari ICE Gateway (Startup)
Idan Mor Centrica Innovations (Corporate VC)
Arne Morteani ETF Partners (VC)
Michal Mravec Inven Capital (Corporate VC)
Alisa Murphy Life Size (Service Provider)
Ben Murphy IP Group (VC)
Cedric Mutz Emerald Technology Ventures (VC)
Paal Christian Myhre Meshcrafts (Startup)
Peter Müller-Brühl GreenCom Networks (Startup)
Ivo Nemejc Inven Capital (Corporate VC)
Michel Nicolai e.pilot (Startup)
Gemma Odena-Bulto Enel (Corporate)
Sergey Ogorodnov Voltaware (Startup)
Kaspars Osis LightHouse (Startup)
Alexandr Ostrovsky Admiral Recycling (Startup)
Sean O’Shea Hunting Energy Services (Corporate)
Julia Padberg SET Ventures (VC)
Jan Palasinski EON (Corporate VC)
Kimon Palinginis Alkion Terminals (Corporate)
Philipp Pausder Thermondo (Startup)
Konrad Perényi Solytic (Startup)
Matthias Pfaff Get It Done (Startup)
Georg Polzer Teralytics (Startup)
Artem Poteshkin Moelis & Company (Service Provider)
Nigel Purcell Engie New Ventures (Corporate VC)
Mats Regnér Cell Solar (Startup)
Gerard Reid Alexa Capital (Service Provider)
Tuomas Hyrkäs Fortum (Corporate VC)
Jean-Michel Reynaud Engie (Corporate)
Paolo Romano Zaphiro Technologies (Startup)
Marc Sabas Centrica Innovations (Corporate VC)
Fabian Sacharowitz InnoEnergy (VC)
Michael Sailer Munich Venture Partners (VC)
Montserrat Sanchez Talenther (Service Provider)
Jakob Sand True Energy (Startup)
Fernando Sandoval Enel (Corporate)
Benoit Savattier Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures (CVC)
Rene Savelsberg SET Ventures (VC)
Georges Schaaf Luxinnovation (Service Provider)
Niklas Schirmer Elli (Corporate)
Thomas Schlegl Eologix (Startup)
Robert Schrimpff Solar for Schools (Startup)
Theo Schulte EnBW New Ventures (Corporate VC)
David Schuppisser Insolight (Startup)
Lucia Schweigert Life Size (Service Provider)
Andreas Sedlmayr Instagrid (Startup)
Paolo Senes (Angel)
Sasan Shaba Swedish Energy Agency (Accelerator)
Uljan Sharka Igenius (Startup)
Andrey Shigaev Geyser Batteries (Startup)
Itaru Shiraishi Energy & Environment Investment (VC)
Frank Siebke Nexwafe (Startup)
Kapil Singhal Vyn (Startup)
Yüksel Sirmasac Rockethome (Startup)
Marcel Smit Energyworx (Startup)
Jan Skjoldhammer NoviOcean (Startup)
Petra Sokolova Inven Capital (Corporate VC)
Luis Sperr InnoEnergy (VC)
Nikolaus Starzacher Discovergy (Startup)
Vidar Kristoffer Strat Agder Energi Venture (Corporate VC)
Andreas Stubelius Swedish Energy Agency (Accelerator)
Marketa Suvova Talenther (Service Provider)
Stale Svenning TronderEnergi (Corporate VC)
Hendrik Sämisch Next Kraftwerke (Startup)
Håkon Tanem Agder Energi Venture (Corporate VC)
Fabio Tentori Enel (Corporate)
Thomas Thomas innogy Ventures (Corporate VC)
Roy Petter Torgersen Nido Robotics (Startup)
Szilard Toth e.pilot (Startup)
Gilles Toussaint GT Impact
Robert Trezona IP Group (VC)
Andrew Symes IP Group (VC)
Heribert Uhl Robert Bosch Venture Capital (Corporate VC)
Nikita Uzhegov Spindrive (Startup)
Gideon van Dijk Chargetrip (Startup)
Bianca van Effrink Energyworx (Startup)
Alexander van Os Venture IQ (Startup)
Julian von Blücher Talent Tree (Service Provider)
Andreas von Richter LBBW Venture Capital (VC)
Mischa Wetzel innogy Ventures (Corporate VC)
Tom White C-Capture (Startup)
Markus Wiendieck Erdwärme Bayern (Angel)
Sarah Williamson Atkins Venture Verte (Service Provider)
Daan Wilms van Kersbergen Eneco Ventures (Corporate VC)
Michael Wilshire Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Jesper Wirén Enjay
Till Wyszynski EON (Corporate VC)
Malcolm Yadack KOENA tec (Startup)
Metin Zerman Energie 360° (Corporate VC)
Lars Ziegenbein Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (Corporate)