Ecosummit Ventures

We put the planet first and invest in smart green impact startups

Ecosummit Ventures (pitch deck) will be a new smart green impact VC in Berlin (Fund I target €60M) that invests in promising European software and hardware startups with B2C and B2B business models in energy, mobility and cities. Ecosummit Ventures leverages the deal flow, investor network and track record of 19 Ecosummit conferences in 5 countries since 2010. We’re raising Ecosummit Ventures Fund I and look for LPs, GPs and VPs to invest and work together. We also look for the best startups in Europe and Israel that want our smart green money, network, know-how and advise to grow faster and create more impact.

Ecosummit Ventures builds and scales a portfolio of 10 to 15 startups, makes its first investments with tickets of €300K to €3M in Seed, Series A and B rounds and is ready to act as lead or co-investor. The pre-marketing has started and we have interest from successful smart green founders to invest in our fund (soft LP commitments). Our target LPs include founders, angels, corporates, family offices and impact investors. LP tickets range from €100K to €20M and we aim at recruiting a unique group of 50 LPs.

The first closing of EV Fund I is planned to take place after Ecosummit Berlin 15-16 May 2019, our 10 year anniversary conference that presents 80 startups and brings together 400 participants. Our goal is to generate a financial return of 2x for our LPs while creating a lot of impact and strategic returns.

At Ecosummit Ventures, we want to be a team of 3-4 General Partners (full-time fund managers) with equal votes in our investment committee and equal shares in our fund management company. Ecosummit Ventures plans to make pre-fund investments to build our track record of picking promising startups until the first closing of EV Fund I. We will start raising our second fund by the time we have built 50% of our EV Fund I portfolio.

We’re building the best smart green impact VC in Europe and look forward to hearing from you.

Fund Management Team

Limited Partners (LPs)

Fund Management: Ecosummit Ventures Management GmbH, Albrechtstr. 22, 10117 Berlin

Legal and Tax Advisor: Schnittker Möllmann Partners, Hardenbergstr. 27, 10623 Berlin