Ecosummit TV

Smart Green Business TV

Ecosummit TV on YouTube features our favourite smart green startups, investors and corporates in energy, mobility and cities in HD quality and looks beautiful on big and small screens. Ecosummit TV provides over 1.100 videos (540.000 views) of which 15 ECO19 Berlin highlights are presented below. Thank you for watching Ecosummit TV and spreading the word.

Jan Michael Hess pitches Ecosummit Ventures

Susan Graham pitches Dendra Systems (formerly BioCarbon Engineering)

Robert Schrimpff pitches Solar for Schools

Jan Michael Hess interviews Christoph Ostermann (Sonnen)

Nickolaus Starzacher pitches Discovergy

Nicholas Hawker pitches First Light Fusion

Christina Lundbäck pitches Surfcleaner

Hakan Ludvigson pitches Eliq

Pilgrim Beart pitches Devicepilot

Charlotta Holmquist pitches Blixt

Gerard Reid analyses the energy and mobility revolution

Frank Pawlitschek pitches Ubitricity

Christina Würthner pitches Enersis

Christian Feisst and Felix Grolman pitch Greencom Networks

Alisa Murphy and Adam Brady pitch Life Size