18 May 2024

Smart green VCs you should know

Here's our list of smart green VCs that back startups in climate tech, energy, mobility, cities, advanced materials, food and circular economy to generate impact as well as environmental, financial and strategic returns for their fund investors. To showcase the investment strategy, we also include portfolio companies that we like. In the VC food chain, early stage investors prefer to invest, at lower valuations and higher risk, in the Seed and Series A financing rounds of young startups working on product market fit and traction (customers, revenues). Afterwards, late stage VCs join startup cap tables from Series B onwards, expecting more than €5M revenues, experienced management teams, positive unit economics and fast growth. Facing climate change, technology revolution and global competition, the majority of corporates are active in corporate venturing and open innovation to invest and cooperate with startups. As a result, VCs follow different investment strategies to build their portfolios that startups should know before pitching.

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17 January 2024

Smart green deals: Taylor, Einhundert, Ineratec, 42watt, Aira and Tibo Energy

Today is a good day to share 6 noteworthy smart green deals which involve startups and investors in the Ecosummit community and beyond. As you know, pitching at Ecosummit is a great idea to launch and accelerate new financing rounds or promote the investment strategies and portfolios of climate tech funds. Congrats to the outstanding founders, employees and investors of Taylor, Einhundert, Ineratec, 42watt, Aira and Tibo Energy who have all been very busy and diligent building new relationships and negotiating shareholder agreements during the last months. Now the hard work continues to save our climate, decarbonise our economy and electrify our planet.

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