18 May 2024

Smart green VCs you should know

Here's our list of smart green VCs that back startups in climate tech, energy, mobility, cities, advanced materials, food and circular economy to generate impact as well as environmental, financial and strategic returns for their fund investors. To showcase the investment strategy, we also include portfolio companies that we like. In the VC food chain, early stage investors prefer to invest, at lower valuations and higher risk, in the Seed and Series A financing rounds of young startups working on product market fit and traction (customers, revenues). Afterwards, late stage VCs join startup cap tables from Series B onwards, expecting more than €5M revenues, experienced management teams, positive unit economics and fast growth. Facing climate change, technology revolution and global competition, the majority of corporates are active in corporate venturing and open innovation to invest and cooperate with startups. As a result, VCs follow different investment strategies to build their portfolios that startups should know before pitching.

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7 June 2023

Ecosummit facilitates Eturnity Series A, ESFORIN Series B and Installion exit

Ecosummit is startup paradise as we bring together fundraising startups and active investors that want to create impact. Our goal is to enable as many new investments as possible in smart green startups that focus on saving our climate, decarbonising our economy and electrifying our planet. It makes us especially happy if startups meet their investors at Ecosummit for the first time as it happened between Eturnity and Klima or ESFORIN and SEB last year. Sometimes we also make introductions during the year. Connecting Installion and their Series A lead Eneco Ventures in 2021 turns out to have been truly impactful. In April 2023, Lichtblick, the German subsidiary of Eneco, acquired Installion. Next week, you all have the chance again to make more deals creating impact at Ecosummit Berlin 14-15 June 2023.

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