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WeGreen is a transparency engine that helps consumers make more sustainable consumption decisions. We want green mass markets!

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Maurice Stanszus

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WeGreen developed out of a research project. CEO and founder Maurice Stanszus identified that consumers did not have the kind of information they should have on companies’ sustainable activities due to one problem: lack of transparency. Therefore, WeGreen as a business idea was born, trying to aggregate and serve all existing sustainability information about companies, brands and products in a simple, fast and understandable way to consumers.

WeGreen is actually a meta search engine that bundles sources from the sustainability rating universe and converts them into the Sustainability Footprint of a company or brand in the colors of green, amber and red (in the style of a traffic light). With the help of distribution channels such as mobile app integration (barcoo) or green search engine integration (Ecosia.org) WeGreen already has a rather high reach of more than 200.000 Sustainability Footprint search requests per day.

The business model is divided into several revenue ideas. First of all, sell sustainability ads (B2B) to companies that are shown below their Sustainability Footprint. By creating an independent surrounding, companies can communicate their activities in the field of sustainability. Secondly, WeGreen Shopping (which is under construction) generates revenues via affiliate marketing (CPO) and paid placement (CPC). The WeGreen idea itself as well as its technical implementation are totally innovative and unique. Our vision as a social business is to green the world by letting consumers know how sustainable companies, brands and products are.


  • Funding: €60.000 (via Business Angels)
  • Investors: confidential
  • Employees: 2010: 3, 2011: 7, 2012E: 14
  • Revenues: 2010: €38K, 2011E: €287K, 2012E: €990K
  • Customers: dm-drogerie markt, barcoo, EcoScan, Märkisches Landbrot, tegut
  • Milestones: The launch of WeGreen 3.0 featuring WeGreen Shopping is planned for Q1/2012.
  • Main product: WeGreen’s main product are sustainability ads that advertisers can buy for an annual fee. The sustainability ad is displayed below the Sustainability Footprint (search results) on wegreen.de. One example is the sustainability ad of dm-drogerie markt which communicates dm’s sustainability activities next to the unswayable WeGreen Sustainability Footprint. This allows the provision of short CSR reports to start a dialogue between consumers and companies.