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The StreetScooter GmbH, founded by Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker of RWTH Aachen, is based on a mature partnership of highly specialized research and industry partners whose deep expertise cannot easily be replicated. Due to the fact that the StreetScooter is created from scratch, the company must not take already existing product lines or paradigms into account. Concept, design and trademark rights are left in the hands of StreetScooter GmbH. All property rights of developed components stay at the consortium partners. The StreetScooter GmbH obtains license rights for its use for ten years. An experienced German company accompanies the process of entering the market. The StreetScooter
runs all the usual tests that are necessary for road use. StreetScooter focuses on the small car market segment (minis or city cars), but these are currently sold primarily in the mass market with combustion engines. Popular representatives of this class are Volkswagen Fox, Smart ForTwo and Toyota Aygo. Though with a share of 6.0% of the total market this segment counts to the smaller ones, the trend for the foreseeable future predicts the strongest growth due to the already ongoing downsizing. In 2008, about 187.000 vehicles were registered in this city car market segment in Germany, which is a total increase of 18% compared to the previous year. An additional potential arises from the conceptual approach of StreetScooter to the small car segment, so that even higher‐class customers can be reached.

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The vehicle “Concept Zeitgeist” is the first that is both economically and ecologically, due to reducing everything to the bare minimum. The approach is based on affordable high‐tech developments that are cost innovations, too. The reduction has always been the most difficult task in the auto industry. So Concept Zeitgeist is no vehicle that is universal, but a demand‐based car for mobility which is actually needed. Due to the focus on short distance mobility it is possible to reduce the whole concept – to reduce the battery for example. The design follows the principles of economic consistently lightweight construction. The result is an electronic vehicle that is simplified and reduced to its minimum to generate more room for real innovations. But also an electronic vehicle that has the power to bring emobility to the road faster. With Concept Zeitgeist we create an addition, another alternative. A car that provides exactly the driving range that is really needed. The StreetScooter targets customers which want to be technology pioneers, look for ecological and sustainable mobility and buy cost‐conscious but yet recoverable products. “StreetScooter is a vehicle on which companies can count on and achieve sustainable economic values”, says Professor Dr. Achim Kampker.

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