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Hydropower plant that floats like a boat, gives power for a small village, and has low-cost design and first users at Rhine and Amazon.

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Smart Hydro Power (SHP) designs and produces small hydropower plants that work with the run of rivers only. The technology is standardized and easily scalable. Although qualifying as “green” the products are positioned as cost-efficient alternative for decentralized electrification along rivers. Market volume in emerging countries like Brazil, Colombia, Peru or Indonesia is estimated at over $1 billion per year. More developed markets like Canada or Germany add a much smaller, but less price sensitive market niche. The markets are primarily addressed via local partners with the ability to sell large volumes towards government agencies or utilities serving electrification projects. As assembling can be done locally non-product related costs like transportation or taxes can be reduced and the product can be introduced as “German technology produced at home”. This supports acceptance. First partnerships in Indonesia, Peru and Brazil are settled, others are in negotiation. These partnerships are no licensing agreements; SHP manages product development, production and the global brand. The combination of a global sales approach in all major markets and a product which comes plug & play at a competitive price gives Smart Hydro Power a USP in a market which only starts to be fully developed.

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SHP’s micro hydropower system is working with the run of the river (or kinetic) power only. There is no need for any infrastructure besides one anchor point. Therefore electricity generated with the Smart Hydro Power system is not only CO2 free but as well environment- and fish-friendly as it does not have any impact on the natural habitat. While hydropower is nothing new our proprietary system is innovative in at least three aspects: (1) The 5 kW permanent magnet, synchronous, three phase AC generator is the only water resistant unit in its class and allows higher efficiencies than comparable systems, (2) the floating body integrates a diffusor optimizing water pressure upon the rotor and thereby producing maximum power output, (3) the Smart Hydro Power Energy Management System combines a rectifier, battery charger and converter in one system and allows not only the choice between different output possibilities (primary and secondary) but as well the choice between 110 V or 220 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The system can be applied globally and is designed to be maintenance free. Assembling of the system is easy and can be done wherever the demand is highest.

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  • Funding: €600K plus €280K non-refundable grant by Bavarian federal state
  • Investors: High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Employees: 2010: 3, 2011: 8, 2012E: 12
  • Revenues: 2011: €50K, 2012E: €1.75M
  • Customers: Power Service Indonesia (Indonesia), AWAN Industry (Pakistan), Fundacion Amazonica Sustenivel (Brazil), Guascor do Brasil (Brazil), Federal Government of St. Martin (Peru)
  • Further milestones: Smart Hydro Power has been winner of the Financial Times Germany startup award and one of five nominees for the Wirtschaftswoche Award. We have signed partnership agreements with mayor partners in Latin America, Asia and Africa which stresses our global positioning. In Latin America Smart Hydro Power is supported by the German development agency GIZ. For 2012 we are planning a strong market entrance in Peru, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan supported by single projects in Germany, Canada and the USA.

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