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Smart technologies allow households to be up to 10% and businesses up to 20% more energy efficient – we provide the software to get there.

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GreenPocket is one of the leading providers for Smart Metering and Smart Home software in Europe. We deliver energy efficiency software that helps consumers and businesses to get a better understanding of their energy consumption and enables them to optimize usage, reducing their carbon footprint. This is a vital prerequisite for successfully reshaping the global energy landscape and the way we consume and control our energy in future. Our software supports utilities significantly in balancing loads with intuitive, easy-to-use and innovative features for effective results. The GreenPocket software applications are based on the Energy Expert Engine, a state-of-the-art software architecture, which is able to process varying amounts of meter data. Apart from analyzing their energy consumption, households can e.g. check the feed-in of their photovoltaic plant or simply use their home automation more efficiently. Whereas businesses can facilitate their energy management and easily compare and optimize various company branches. We constantly push the boundaries with product innovations, such as the world`s first app connecting Smart Metering with Facebook. Together with more than 30 utilities, among them 5 of the Top 20 European players, we are proud to be working toward a greener and more sustainable future.

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GreenPocket has reinvented the concept of Smart Home making it easier to save energy without sacrificing your personal comfort. Because of the high degree of automation the innovative Optimal Pattern Technology allows you to set your preferences with only a few clicks and then automatically offers you the best case scenario. Assuming, for example, you want to spend a comfortable evening at home after work. Will your first thought be about energy efficiency? It is more likely you get home and turn up the heating to maximum to warm up your house as quickly as possible. If you take a look at your Smart Meter data though, you will see that this wastes a great amount of energy. But with a few quick settings you can add the predefined program after work to your Smart Home schedule. The application will now turn up the heat slightly two hours before you get home and by the time you arrive the house is efficiently warmed up to an agreeable temperature. If you prefer more comfort turn up the heating and let the system learn from you. This makes your life easier and automatically saves resources and leads to a more sustainable future.

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