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@Getneutral creates awareness for #CO2 in private #consumption. Users #neutralise products to make them #CO2-neutral and are #rewarded.

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Founded in 2011 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs around CEO Holger Rupp, Get-neutral is the first online and mobile platform worldwide to connect consumers and companies for CO2-neutral consumption. Get-neutral offers a unique service to consumers: in a first step, consumers can find out, how much CO2 is contained in products of their daily consumption on the Get-neutral website or via the Get-neutral app. In a second step, consumers can “neutralise“ the CO2 contained in the products for free. Participants are rewarded for neutralising CO2 by collecting climate points and badges. How does this work? Companies who care about climate protection sponsor the money which is necessary to compensate exactly the amount of CO2 which has been neutralised by the consumers on the platform. Consumers can understand how much CO2 is contained in their daily consumption and neutralise their CO2 impact. Additionally, consumers receive benefits by collecting climate points and badges. Moreover, consumers receive recognition by peers when sharing this information in social media. Sponsoring companies actually do something for climate protection whilst being able to strengthen their brand image as ecological caring. Using the independent Get-neutral platform, companies gain credibility in the consumer’s perception.

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Climate harming CO2 is created when products are manufactured and transported. 50% of all CO2 released is related to private consumption! Get-neutral offers the first platform worldwide where the user can access the information of how much CO2 a product has caused by typing the product barcode in the Get-neutral website or by scanning the product barcode with the Get-neutral app. Then, by clicking the neutralizing-button, the user initiates the product’s compensation. Get-neutral compensates the contained CO2 by investing in climate protection projects. The climate protection projects compensate exactly the amount of CO2 which the users have neutralised before. The compensation is paid for by companies who care about climate protection. The Get-neutral platform offers an ideal way to bring environmental conscious consumers and companies together. Thereby, companies gain credibility because Get-neutral is independent and audited. Additionally, CO2 becomes a positive differentiator for pro-active companies who aim at reducing CO2 in their production processes. The more people are engaged, the more CO2 can be neutralised. In the short-term this will lead to larger investments in climate protection projects, in the mid-term it will lead to CO2 reduction due to consumer education and consciousness.

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