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EnOcean combines miniaturised energy converters with ultra-low-power electronics and robust RF communication for use in building automation.

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EnOcean GmbH is the originator of patented self-powered wireless technology. Headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich, the company manufactures and markets energy harvesting wireless modules for use in building and industrial automation. EnOcean technology combines miniaturised energy converters with ultra-low-power electronics and robust RF communication. Self-powered wireless technology from EnOcean has been successfully deployed in more than 200,000 buildings worldwide. EnOcean is a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of leading companies from the world’s building sector that has set itself the aim of creating innovative solutions for sustainable buildings. The company currently employs 60 people in Germany and the USA. EnOcean GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Siemens AG.

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The new ECO 200 energy converter and PTM 330 wireless module open up a wealth of new applications for energy-harvesting wireless technology. With the ECO 200, EnOcean is launching its third generation of mechanical energy converters. When combined with the wireless PTM 330 transmitter module, the ECO 200 provides the foundation for a host of battery-less wireless applications. This new pairing enables speedy and simple implementation of energy harvesting switching solutions. EnOcean again is leading the way for new possibilities in building automation, in industry and in household appliance engineering. Application possibilities for the energy harvesting wireless ECO 200 and PTM 300 modules range from handheld transmitters, window and door sensing, access data control and position switching for a variety of industrial switches. For example, handheld transmitters powered by the solution can be used to control gates and garages, or to call a nurse from a hospital bed. Another application that has already been implemented is wireless testing of cable harness in automobile production. The press of a button generates enough energy to determine if the individual components are properly attached to the cable harness. Furthermore, the technology can be used to develop batteryless vermin traps or batteryless stop buttons in city buses. Enabled by energy harvesting wireless technology, all devices are absolutely maintenance-free and function without cabling.

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