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Advanced Plasma Power’s Gasplasma process converts waste to energy, generating a renewable energy source and providing a solution to our waste management issues.

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Advanced Plasma Power is a British waste to energy technology company. We have developed and patented the Gasplasma process, which turns refuse derived fuel into energy, heat and an aggregate – Plasmarok. It produces no bottom-ash or waste products and is entirely compatible with recycling.

The Gasplasma process and associated technology has a number of applications. It is currently being developed as part of a landfill mining project in Belgium; the Gasplasma process will clear the site of landfill waste, producing clean energy and allowing the site to be re-developed for housing or other uses. Other applications include the processing of municipal waste by local authorities to produce local electricity or the use by retail firms, such as supermarkets, to dispose of their waste efficiently.

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The Gasplasma process represents an innovative solution to our waste management problem, while providing an alternative energy source. The patented process combines two well proven technologies (gasification and plasma conversion technology) to convert municipal and commercial waste into a clean, hydrogen-rich synthesis gas and a vitrified recyclate product called Plasmarok. The Gasplasma process stands apart from its competitors in a number of ways. It is more environmentally friendly than other waste management technologies. There is no incineration; minimal emissions are produced; and no waste is sent to landfill, as the only products of the Gasplasma process are energy, heat and Plasmarok, an environmentally benign substance.

The Gasplasma process is also cost-effective. It delivers a 98% landfill avoidance rate, drastically reducing landfill gate fees in the managing of waste. It generates electricity which can be sold to the electricity grid as power. Residual heat is also recovered, which can be used as a secondary energy source. Moreover, other technologies produce harmful by-products which must be disposed of, often incurring additional costs. The Gasplasma process produces Plasmarok, which is classed as a product not a waste and can be used as a building material or replacement aggregate.


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