Tristan Foerster presents ClimatePartner and climate change management

Ecosummit TV: Tristan Foerster, Managing Director of ClimatePartner, talks about climate change management and explains what companies can do to protect the climate. First, companies have to measure, avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Then they can offset their residual carbon footprint which cannot be reduced any further by buying CO2 certificates in the market. In fact, we are doing it and cooperate with ClimatePartner as Ecosummit’s carbon offset partner. Together we made both ECO12 Berlin and ECO12 Düsseldorf climate neutral. Do you know other cleantech conferences that invest in being climate neutral?

ECO12 Berlin Tristan Foerster ClimatePartner

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess Tristan Foerster Climate Neutral Ecosummit Certificate

ECO12 Berlin Tristan Foerster ClimatePartner

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