Thibaud Le Séguillon Presents Organic PV Startup Heliatek

Ecosummit TV: Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Heliatek, presents his Organic PV startup at ECO12. OPV is the third generation of solar technology and Heliatek is the global leader. The Dresden-based startup recently announced another efficiency world record of 10.7%. The efficiency roadmap goes up to 15-20%. But the real advantage of Heliatek is low cost per kwh as well as very green manufacturing processes without toxic materials. Now Heliatek looks for €60M for their Fab 2. Thibaud on Ecosummit TV is just the perfect sales pitch for their new financing round.

ECO12 Thibaud Le Seguillon Heliatek

ECO12 Award Jury Winner Heliatek Photo

ECO12 Award Jury Winner Heliatek Photo 2

ECO12 Bart Markus Thibaud Le Seguillon

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