Sonnenbatterie, Sunfire and Orcan Energy win Ecosummit Award 2014 at ECO14 Berlin

Ecosummit Berlin 2014 was so much fun. Following the sponsor dinner at our favourite Italian called Donath, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Ecosummit Berlin on 3-4 June 2014 with 200 happy participants at the Radialsystem – Berlin’s top spot for startup conferences. The positive feedback we received is overwhelming and just more motivation to improve and grow Ecosummit even further. A highlight was the Ecosummit Award 2014. 49 nominees from 13 countries were rated by 39 judges before the conference. The 3 VC-backed smart green startups that have the highest chances for a successful exit are: Sonnenbatterie picking up Gold and €3K prize money, Sunfire receiving Silver and €2K and Orcan Energy winning Bronze and €1K. Let’s party and enjoy the first photos of ECO14 Berlin.

ECO14 Berlin Award Winners

ECO14 Berlin Award Winners

ECOI14 Berlin Award Gold Sonnenbatterie

ECOI14 Berlin Award Gold Sonnenbatterie

ECOI14 Berlin Award Silver Sunfire

ECOI14 Berlin Award Bronze Orcan Energy

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Malte Karsten Jan

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Yueksel

ECO14 Berlin Donath Team

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Stephan Pascale

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Soren Alexander

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Alexandre

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Philipp

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner Anna

ECO14 Berlin Sponsor Dinner

ECO14 Berlin Jan Michael Hess Ecosummit

ECO14 Berlin Benjamin Schott Sonnenbatterie

ECO14 Berlin Audience

ECO14 Berlin Karsten Hojberg Autodesk

ECO14 Berlin Silvan Rath ParkTAG

ECO14 Berlin Paul Leibold ACM Etaxi

ECO14 Berlin Eva Bjorseth Oceanshore Ventures

ECO14 Berlin Henning Arends EWE

ECO14 Berlin Alar Vörk Cityntel

ECO14 Berlin Participants Terrace

ECO14 Berlin Rockstart Group

ECO14 Berlin Ecosummit Award Party

ECO14 Berlin Ubitricity Tesla

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