Smart green startups you should know

Your deal flow is on Youtube. We proudly present 80 outstanding smart green startups that pitched at Ecosummit Berlin in the last 3 years:

Easelink, Instagrid, CorPower Ocean, Ecoworks, Sunfire, 1KOMMA5°, First Light Fusion, Nexwafe, Electrochaea, Ineratec, Kiwigrid, LiveEO, Aerones, VoltStorage, Sunvigo, ESFORIN, Enspired, Piclo, Enviria, 5B, Gradyent, Heaten, Mixergy, Sunmaxx PVT, Naked Energy,, DataThings, Prisma Photonics, Kairos Aerospace, Glasspoint, Modvion, Hydrogrid, Vutility, Energyworx, Ostrom, Lumenaza, Decarbon1ze, Einhundert, Stabl Energy, LiNa Energy, Wayout, Epishine, Dryad Networks, Vyntelligence, EcoG, Wirelane, Amina Charging, Epilot, Green Eagle Solutions,, Ecoligo, Solytic, Ezzing, Eturnity, Home Power Solutions, Tau, Elaphe, Swobbee, Jedlix, Ubiq, Eliq, Eologix, Fibersail, Phytonics, Taylor, Insolight, Dexter Energy, Energiency, Grid Edge, PowerUp, Volytica Diagnostics, Suena, Voltfang, Exnaton, Pionierkraft, Scone, Omniflow, Graphmatech, Powall and Vytal.

These hardware and software startups represent exciting investment opportunities with environmental, financial and strategic returns for (C)VCs and family offices. All of them work hard to generate climate impact and some of them have the potential to become smart green unicorns. Pitch at Ecosummit Berlin 4-5 June 2024 to tell your startup growth story and increase the quantity and quality of the term sheets in your next financing round.


Graz-based Easelink developed a fully automated and conducted EV charging technology called Matrix Charging that is perfectly suited for the future of autonomous driving and ubiquitous robotaxis. Currently piloting on electric taxis in Vienna and Graz, Easelink has very low system costs per unit and is, therefore, well positioned to become a de facto automated charging standard and very successful startup. Easelink is backed by SET Ventures and EnBW New Ventures and currently raises its Series B.


Instagrid provides portable green power to professionals and mobile lifestyle optimisers in all kinds of offgrid situations, including construction sites, ubiquitous events, smart forests or sustainable picknicks in the park enhanced by electric BBQs and powerful sound systems. Instagrid raised €40M and is backed by Energy Impact Partners and SET Ventures.

CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean makes very efficient and cost competitive wave energy converters. The Swedish startup developed their amazing technology over many years and just installed and connected their first full-scale ocean energy generator to the grid off the coast of Portugal. We believe that CorPower Ocean will be the first startup that manages to scale ocean energy. Backed by InnoEnergy and SEB Greentech, this startup is an amazing investment opportunity for patient and long-term investors.


The Berlin-based startup Ecoworks decarbonises existing multi-storey buildings applying serial smart green renovation with the help of prefabricated bio-based facade elements, renewable energy systems and digital project management processes. Ecoworks has got an orderbook of over €100M. On 28 July 2023, Ecoworks raised €22M from Zacua Ventures, Blackhorn Ventures and existing investor Proptech1.


The Dresden-based hydrogen startup Sunfire makes very efficient solid oxide electrolysers and fuel cells using the same technology platform to convert renewable energy to liquid fuels and thus enable the important sector coupling for the 100% renewable energy system. On 18 October 2021, Sunfire announced a massive €109M Series D led by Lightrock and Planet First Ventures and with participation from Carbon Direct Capital Management, HydrogenOne Capital and existing shareholders.


Founded in 2021, 1KOMMA5° is a company aggregator buying solar installers in Germany, Sweden and other countries to build a European climate tech powerhouse providing PV, batteries, EV charging stations and heat pumps to residential customers. According to Philipp, 1KOMMA5° already acquired 10 companies, employs 500 people and installed a total of 36.000 PV systems in the past. Following a private equity acquisition strategy, 1KOMMA5° aims at growing as fast as possible to convert millions of households to all-electric renewable homes. Only as a unicorn this startup makes sense and generates enough impact.

First Light Fusion

First Light Fusion‘s mission is to solve the problem of fusion power with the simplest machine possible. Projectile fusion is a new approach to inertial fusion that is simpler, more energy efficient and has lower physics risk. On 5 April 2022, the University of Oxford spin-out announced it has achieved fusion, independently validated by the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). This is the first time fusion has been achieved using the unique targets developed by First Light, and the corresponding projectile technology. First Light achieved fusion having spent less than £45 million and is raising a new round.


In Q4 2021, Nexwafe raised €39M Series C led by Reliance New Energy Solar and supported by Aramco Ventures and Innoenergy enabling Nexwafe to further develop and market its green solar wafer manufacturing technology. Next to investing a ticket of €25M, Reliance plans to license and deploy Nexwafe’s technology in its new solar giga factory in India. Now Nexwafe is raising €100M Series D to bring in more strategic partners.


In the midst of the global gas crisis it is a cool idea to make your own biogas from solar or wind energy. Electrochaea decarbonises the gas grid by producing renewable gas with the help of a biomethanation process using microorganisms. Electrochaea already raised €75M in equity and grants and is now fundraising again to build a big €60M biogas factory. In fact, it looks like we need a lot of biogas gigafactories in Europe as soon as possible. Ecosummit investors in the cap table include Energie 360° and Munich Venture Partners.


Ineratec is a spinoff of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and decarbonises aviation, shipping and the chemical industry by producing carbon neutral, synthetic e-fuels with the help of a patented power-to-liquid chemical snythesis process out of CO2 and renewable electricity. In January 2022, Ineratec raised $20M Series A from Engie New Ventures and other investors. Now Ineratec is raising its €100M Series B.


Kiwigrid builds the operating system for renewable energy. The new KiwiOS X and the energy manager Voyager X enable an open energy IoT platform that connects and controls all devices and renewable energy assets in the household. Kiwigrid is open to talk to new strategic investors that share their vision and growth strategy.


The German hardware startup VoltStorage develops and produces patented iron salt batteries optimised for long duration energy storage at very low cost. VoltStorage made a lot of progress with technology development and pilot projects, raised a total of €40M from by Korys, Kopa Ventures, Energie 360 and Cummins ($24M in August 2022) and plans to do another financing round in 2024.


Aerones is a Riga-based wind turbine maintenance service provider minimising downtime with the help of smart robots and software developed inhouse. Aerones graduated from Y Combinator in 2018, is backed by Future Positive Capital and Change Ventures and is powered by a team of over 100 employees. Aerones works for the leading wind turbine manufacturers, wind park operators and asset owners and raised its $30M Series A led by Lightrock and Haniel in January 2023.


The German startup LiveEO provides satellite-based earth observation data and services to infrastructure owners including utilities. LiveEO is backed by Helen Ventures.


Founded in 2020, Sunvigo builds the solar utility of the future with 130 employees and raised over €40M in equity and debt so far. Sunvigo finances, installs, owns and operates PV systems, batteries and EV chargers and sells a solar power contract to its residential customers. Sunvigo is backed by Future Energy Ventures, Triodos Energy Transition Fund, Eneco Ventures, Sparta Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds and raises their Series B.


The German startup ESFORIN is a market leader of automated intraday energy trading with a contracted portfolio of 1.5 GW of flexibility assets. ESFORIN is backed by SET Ventures (Series A) as well as SEB Greentech (Series B) who they met at Ecosummit last year.


The Austrian startup Enspired provides energy trading as a service with the help of an automated flexibility and battery monetisation platform. Founded in 2020, Enspired has got 54 employees, is backed by Emerald Technology Ventures and Helen Ventures and raises its Series B.


Piclo operates flexibility marketplaces for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to facilitate energy trading, a €10B market by 2030. The UK startup clearly is on its way up, operates in 6 countries and employs a team of 64 talents. In March 2023, Piclo raised its £8.3M Series B from Future Energy Ventures, Sustainable Future Ventures and Clean Growth Fund.


The Frankfurt-based startup Enviria provides solar as a service for companies with a large team of inhouse installers, targets €100M in revenues and is profitable. After raising €22.5M Series A in 2022, Enviria is now raising a big Series B.


Based in Australia, 5B thinks big and develops large-scale solar projects applying their inhouse Maverick solution of prefabricated and productised multi-PV-module arrays to install faster and at lower cost. 5B operates globally in 7 countries, has 70MW installed and 150MW in the orderbook. 5B is backed by BP Ventures and is fundraising constantly to further scale.


The Rotterdam-based software startup Gradyent develops digital twins to optimise district heating, the biggest opportunity to decarbonise the heating of buildings, especially if distributed renewable heating sources are integrated in the heating grid. Gradyent is also active in managing industrial steam networks, is backed by Eneco Ventures and Helen Ventures and raises its Series B in 2024.


Heaten makes high-temperature heat pumps based on piston technology that are very efficient and have high capacity. One machine alone has the potential to save the customer €1M per year in energy cost savings. That’s why Jeroen calls his startup a hot business opportunity. Heaten is backed by Shell Ventures and currently raises €25M Series B.


The UK hardware and software startup Mixergy decarbonises home energy by making smart hot water tanks that can be integrated with any heat pump in the market. Smart hot water tanks are also distributed energy assets that can be connected and commercialised in the flexibility market. Mixergy is growing fast and currently fundraising again. Definitely a fantastic smart green startup and investment opportunity.

Sunmaxx PVT

The Dresden-based startup Sunmaxx PVT designs and makes PV thermal (PVT) modules that have an overall efficiency of 80% as measured by Fraunhofer Institute. The Sunmaxx PVT modules benefit from superior thermal management based on integrated heat converters that were originally developed in the automotive industry to cool batteries. The first production line goes online this year with a capacity of 50 MW. Sunmaxx PVT is backed by Mahle and currently raises €8M Series A.

Naked Energy

The UK startup Naked Energy decarbonises heat by developing hybrid photovoltaic thermal collectors, often called PVT (PV thermal) or solar-powered heat. Naked Energy sells its technology to its customers, outsources manufacturing, has a full project pipeline, is backed by Barclays and raises its €30M Series B.

The outstanding Tallinn-based BIPV startup makes beautiful 2-in-1 integrated solar metal roofs and is backed by BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures since their Series A. works with roofing companies to scale its distribution and installation training regular roofers and providing roof planning software tools. Andres and his team currently raise their Series B financing round.


DataThings developed a smart grid AI twin on their proprietary AI platform called Alva that is deployed nationwide in Luxembourg. DataThings works with Distribution System Operators and Transmission System Operators to help them forecast energy demand and supply and make better grid investment decisions. DataThings is backed by Encevo and looks forward to talking to new customers and investors.

Prisma Photonics

The Israeli startup Prisma Photonics monitors power transmission lines without installing sensors but rather using the existing optical fiber network on top of the transmission grid. The PrismaPower solution connects to one single dark fiber at a substation while machine learning algorithms analyse the detailed data collected on the grid to detect and classify events with a resolution of single tower locations. Prisma Photonics just raised €20M Series C from Insight Partners, SE Ventures, Future Energy Ventures and others.

Kairos Aerospace

Kairos Aerospace provides very effective and efficient methane detection as a service for the oil and gas industry that creates a lot of cost savings and positive impact for our environment. Kairos is backed by Energy Innovation Capital and Climate Investment (OGCI) and currently raises a large Series D.


Glasspoint decarbonises industrial heat with the help of solar steam systems providing steam as a service. Glasspoint has got a big project pipeline, closed $8M Series A led by 300PPM on 31 July 2023 and now raises its Series B.


The amazing Swedish startup Modvion makes wind turbine towers out of laminated wood modules to facilitate road transport and store carbon for hundreds of years in wind turbines. Modvion’s first 100m wooden wind turbine tower called “Wind of Change” has been installed in June 2023. Modvion is backed by Vestas Ventures and is ready to talk to new investors and customers.


The outstanding Austrian startup Hydrogrid develops software for the smart operation of hydropower plants and is growing fast. Hydrogrid is backed by SET Ventures and is currently raising their Series A.


On top of their software platform, the fast growing US-based startup Vutility developed its own wireless energy meters to measure energy consumption of companies across various industries. Vutility is backed by Cycle Capital, Constellation Technology Ventures and Chevron Technology Ventures and raises its Series B in 2024.


The Dutch software startup Energyworx provides an energy data analytics and management platform for utilities and connected over 7 million smart meters to their energy cloud. Energyworx has got 65 employees, is backed by SET Ventures, Eneco Ventures, EDP Ventures and Engie New Ventures and is currently raising its Series B.


The Berlin-based startup Ostrom operates as a smart green utility for households in Germany and developed its own software platform that enables the integration of new energy services including EV charging, PV, heat pumps and access to wholesale markets. On 7 September 2023, Ostrom announced an €8M extension of its Series A led by SE Ventures (Schneider Electric).


The Berlin-based startup Lumenaza develops and operates an end-to-end SaaS platform for utilities and aggregators that includes power market processes, virtual power plant, contract management, billing and a customer portal. Lumenaza is backed by Future Energy Ventures and First Imagine Ventures and currently raises a new financing round.


The Berlin-based startup Decarbon1ze is a virtual power network operator enabling and monetising flexibilities behind-the-meter with the help of smart power contracts and tariffs. Decarbon1ze has several pilot projects going on, raised a €2M Seed round and prepares the Series A in 2024.


The German startup Einhundert provides renewable energy systems to real estate property owners including PV, batteries and smart meters. Einhundert created a unit of inhouse installers based in Cologne and Berlin to accelerate the rollout of new PV systems and provides financing solutions to enable solar as a service. So far, Einhundert signed 1.000 buildings and has a strong pipeline. Einhundert is backed by EWE, Übermorgen Ventures and Triodos and is raising its Series B.

Stabl Energy

The Munich-based startup Stabl Energy provides energy storage as a service using second-life car batteries and developed their own module-based inverter technology. On 9 August 2023, Stabl Energy announced an oversubscribed €15M Series A led by Nordic Alpha Partners and EIC Fund with participation of Energie 360° and UVC Partners. The Series B is planned for 2025.

LiNa Energy

The disruptive deeptech startup LiNa Energy commercialises solid-state sodium batteries using innovative ceramics that are well suited for storage durations of 4 to 10 hours. The low-cost solid-state sodium batteries can be manufactured profitably in a 100MW factory. Now LiNa Energy is raising €17M Series A.


The Swedish startup Wayout develops and operates distributed drinking water factories that provide drinking water as a service with reusable non-plastic bottles and dispensers. Wayout is a very exciting startup and investment opportunity and well positioned to help the world drink more healthy water everywhere. Wayout is backed by Climentum Capital and raises its Series A in 2024.


The Swedish startup Epishine develops indoor solar cells for self-powering electronic devices to replace batteries and reduce the cost of operations and maintenance of billions of sensors to be installed in the future. Epishine already has products and customers, is supported by Swedish Energy Agency, backed by the Swedish retailer Jula Holding and other investors and aims at raising €40M in 2024.

Dryad Networks

The German startup Dryad Networks rolls out a global smart forest network with solar-powered gas sensors and gateways to enable ultra early wirdfire detection. Fast growing Dryad is backed by Stihl, Ecapital and Telus Pollinator Fund and is fundraising their Series B.


The UK software startup Vyntelligence develops and provides a powerful platform for video and data analytics for the energy industry and other verticals. Vyntelligence is backed by Engie New Ventures and EDP Ventures and is currently fundraising again.


The German software startup EcoG builds the operating system for EV charging stations to reduce the cost and time-to-market of new EV charging hardware. EcoG is backed by Helen Ventures, grows fast and is currently fundraising its Series A.


The German startup Wirelane is a full-service provider for public EV charging providing hardware, software and payment. In August 2021, Wirelane raised €18M Series B (€12.1M fresh capital and €5.9M converted loans) led by Abacon Capital, the investment arm of the Büll family office in Hamburg.

Amina Charging

Founded in 2021, the Norwegian startup Amina Charging develops and manufactures EV charging hardware that is easy to integrate by other partners in the electric mobility ecosystem. Amina is backed by Nysnø Climate Investments and Eviny Ventures, raised a total of €25M and enjoys good traction in the market.


Epilot provides a cloud-based e-commerce platform for small and big utilities enabling them to go digital and sell all of their products online in an easy and seamless customer journey. Founded in 2017, Epilot has got over 100 customers including Enercity which is also one of their investors. Epilot is currently raising their Series B.

Green Eagle Solutions

The Spanish startup Green Eagle Solutions provides autonomous operations of renewable energy assets on their powerful SaaS platform Arsos. Green Eagle Solutions has 44 employees, already connected 13.5GW of assets to Arsos, is backed by SET Ventures and raises €6M Series A.

Frankfurt-based operates the SaaS platform Opti.node to manage solar and wind power plants on commercial buildings and in open space energy farms. More than 10.000 power plants are under management. Often a PPA is being used to sell the locally produced renewable energy directly to the tenants of commercial buildings. One of’s customers is Enviria (€22.5M Series A in 2022) that builds and operates PV systems for companies. In 2022, raised its €7M Series A from Bitstone Capital and Helen Ventures and prepares the Series B in 2024.


The German startup Ecoligo is a solar energy as a service provider focused on financing, installing and operating solar systems on industrial and commercial buildings in emerging markets including Vietnam, Kenya and Costa Rica. Ecoligo is backed by InnoEnergy and FRV-X and currently raises a new financing round.


The Berlin-based startup Solytic operates an big data powered software platform to monitor and manage PV systems post-installation. Aiming at maximising the profitability of solar portfolios, Solytic now has 220.000 PV systems under management. Together with Kwest, Solytic recently launched Solar OS as an open operating system for solar installers. Solytic reaches break-even in 2023 and plans to fundraise again in 2024.


The Spanish startup Ezzing develops and operates a sophisticated end-to-end software platform for planning, designing, selling and installing PV systems and batteries. Recently, they also launched a marketplace for installers in Spain. Ezzing is backed by Net Zero Ventures (Repsol) and Encevo and raises its Series B in 2024.


The Swiss startup Eturnity makes process-optimising software for installers and providers of PV systems, batteries, heat pumps and EV chargers. On 7 June 2023, Eturnity announced the successful closing of their €8.2M Series A led by Klima, Alantra’s energy transition fund. Eturnity and Alantra first met at Ecosummit Berlin 2022.

Home Power Solutions

The Berlin-based startup Home Power Solutions (HPS) makes a seasonal energy storage system called Picea for residential and commercial buildings that integrates a battery, electrolyser and fuel cell. HPS has got 200 employees, sold 500 Picea systems, grows fast and is currently fundraising €50M Series B..


The Italian deeptech startup Tau develops solvent-free, high-performance magnet wires using specialty polymers to optimise electric motors in all kinds of electric vehicles. Tau is backed by Solvay Ventures and Finindus and currently raises €20M Series C.


The Slovenian startup Elaphe makes electric in-wheel motors, has got a lot of customer traction, is backed by InnoEnergy and is currently raising their Series B.


The Berlin-based startup Swobbee operates a growing network of battery swapping stations in Europe to improve the economics of micromobility. As of today, 70 Swobbee stations that are compatible with many different batteries have been installed for customers including Tier, Bolt, Voi, DHL, Hermes and DPD. Swobbee is backed by InnoEnergy and is always interested in meeting new investors, customers and employees.


Active in 7 countries, the Dutch startup Jedlix provides a smart charging software platform enabling driver-centric V2X services via white label apps and APIs and connecting EVs and chargers to energy markets. Jedlix is fundraising again to accelerate its growth and go global.


Ubiq aims at making shared and electric mobility more sustainable and profitable with the help of AI-powered software that better predicts demand and adjusts supply to optimise asset utilisation. Ubiq is backed by Energie 360° and is currently raising €7M Series A.


The Swedish software startup Eliq provides an energy customer engagement app and communication platform for utilities. Eliq has got 50 employess and is backed by Inven Capital and Contrarian Ventures. Eliq is currently raising their Series B.


On 8 September 2022, Eologix announced its €6M Series B led by Emerald Technology Ventures and with participation of Orlen VC, Nabtesco Ventures and Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. The Austrian startup makes smart solar-powered sensors to monitor the blades of wind turbines with the goal of saving 1-5% of annual energy production (AEP).


The Portuguese/Dutch startup Fibersail enables blade monitoring with the help of a modular sensor platform for wind turbine manufacturers and operators based on fibre optic technology. Fibersail is backed by Rockstart and InnoEnergy and plans to fundraise again in 2024.


Phytonics is a spin-off of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and develops a new coating foil for PV panels to make them glare-free, safer and more efficient. Founded in 2021, Phytonics is backed by InnoEnergy and High-Tech Gründerfonds and raises a Series A to start their pilot production this year and go into mass production next year.


The Dutch startup Taylor develops integrated power electronics, so-called Cell String Optimisers, and software for PV panels that increase the power, provide advanced insight based on cell-level data and make rooftop PV systems a lot safer. Launched in September 2022, product-market fit has been reached and 33.000 Taylor units have been shipped in the Netherlands. Now Taylor raises €5M Series A to accelerate its growth.


The Swiss startup Insolight develops agrivoltaics hardware and software to protect crops while generating electricity with excess light. Insolight plans to outsource the manufacturing to global partners and, on 13 December 2022, announced a CHF4.85M financing round led by Demeter.

Dexter Energy

The Dutch startup Dexter Energy develops and operates an AI-based energy forcasting and trade optimisation platform. On 18 April 2023, Dexter Energy closed its €10.2M Series B led by ETF Partners.


The French startup provides AI-powered software to optimise energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Energiency has got a team of 30 employees, is backed by Encevo and is currently fundraising its Series B.

Grid Edge

UK-based Grid Edge develops AI-powered software to improve the energy efficiency of buildings which are responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions. Grid Edge is backed by BP Ventures and is currently fundraising.


The French startup PowerUp develops a cloud-based software platform to analyse and optimise the lifetime and sustainability of batteries. PowerUp is backed by EDF Pulse Ventures and Supernova Invest and will soon raise €10M Series B.

Volytica Diagnostics

The Dresden-based startup analyses battery data to understand remaining lifetime and other key values that help optimise the economics and sustainability of batteries. Volytica Diagnostics is a Fraunhofer spin out and is backed by InnoEnergy. On 7 September 2023, Volytica closed its €5.5M Series A led by SHIFT Invest and EnBW New Ventures.


This is the decade of energy storage. The Hamburg-based software startup Suena monetises large-scale batteries with the help of automated battery energy trading and revenue sharing with asset owners. Founded in 2021, Suena is backed by InnoEnergy and raises its Series A in 2024.


The German startup Voltfang recycles second-life EV batteries and puts them to new use in stationary storage systems made by Voltfang. In May 2023, Voltfang raised a €5M Seed round from Proptech1, Helen Ventures and Aenu.


The Swiss software startup Exnaton provides a billing platform for utilities to enable new energy services based on dynamic tariffs. Exnaton is backed by True Ventures and Übermorgen Ventures and raises its Series A in 2024.


The German startup Pionierkraft developed a new hardware and software solution called Piornierkraftwerk to enable solar energy sharing among tenants in multi-family buildings and already sold 200 devices. Pionierkraft is backed by InnoEnergy and currently raises €3M Series A.


The Belgian software startup Scone develops an AI-powered climate activation platform to positively influence the behaviour of employees, citizens and consumers. Scone is currently fundraising to accelerate its growth and further develop the product and community.


The Portuguese hardware and software startup Omniflow builds smart green streetlights powered by wind and solar that enable a multitude of smart city services. The lamp posts may also include 5G base stations, batteries and computer vision technology. Omniflow is cashflow positive and currently raises €12M Series A.


Founded in 2017, the Swedish startup Graphmatech developed a patented materials technology platform to bring graphene-engineered materials to various industrial applications including batteries and hydrogen pipes and tanks. Graphmatech is backed by ABB Technology Ventures and InnoEnergy and currently raises €10M Series A.


The energy transition is also a materials transition and nanotechnology plays a key role for developing and producing advanced materials. The Dutch deeptech startup Powall enhances materials by applying dry, gas-phase nanocoatings on powders and its atomic layer deposition process now works at industrial scale. Applications include the optimisation of materials used in lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. Powall currently raises a Series A extension and plans the Series B in 2024.


Vytal enables the circular economy by offering reusable bowls, cups and food containers to restaurants and consumers to reduce plastic waste and improve the economics and sustainability of food packaging. Vytal raised €10M Series A last year from Kiko Ventures and other investors.

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