Smart green startups you should know

Our deal flow is on YouTube. We’re happy to present the best smart green startups in energy, mobility and cities that pitched at Ecosummit in the past on Ecosummit TV: Dendra Systems, Solar for Schools, First Light Fusion, Thermondo, Tado, Greencom Networks, Discovergy, Moixa, Instagrid, Blixt, Climeon, Sunfire, Electrochaea, Volocopter, Lilium, BlaBlaCar, Cityscoot, Vulog, Forsee Power, Sigfox, Kiwigrid, Origami Energy, Exeger, Epishine, Fos4x, DEPsys, Lumenaza, Gridx, ENIT Systems, Envelio, Ubitricity, Devicepilot, Skeleton Technologies, Cosmo Tech, Metron, Surfcleaner, Sunna Design, Agrilution, Airlabs, Ekwateur and Clevershuttle. These startups represent exciting investment opportunities with environmental, financial and strategic returns for (C)VCs and family offices. All of them work hard to create big climate impact and many of them have the potential to become smart green unicorns made in Europe. Pitch at Ecosummit Berlin to tell your startup growth story and increase the quantity and quality of the term sheets in your next financing round.

Dendra Systems

Oxford-based Dendra Systems rebuilds ecosystems as a service for mining and oil companies. Ecosummit is a proud angel investor in Dendra Systems and we think it is one of the best and most impactful startups in the world.

Solar for Schools

Robert Schrimpff pitches Solar for Schools at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. We’re a proud angel investor in this smart green startup that combines solar energy and education for our kids. We just love this startup and invite investors to participate in their current Series A and meet us in the cap table.

First Light Fusion

Nicholas Hawker pitches First Light Fusion that work very hard on the world’s most promising fusion technology that was developed at the University of Oxford. Nicholas promised that he will be able to bring this amazing technology to the market by 2030. So he needs patient investors and a lot of them.


The heating market is an often-neglected but very important piece of the energy transition puzzle. Berlin-based Thermondo sells heating systems online and has an integrated workforce of installers driving branded vans around Germany to deliver and install more efficient heating systems at homeowners’ premises. We wrote about Thermondo’s Series B in 2015. Thermondo is growing fast and, on 2 November 2017, announced a new €21M financing round adding Eneco and Vorwerk to their investor syndicate. Thermondo still operates only in Germany and is transforming from a transaction into a subscription based company. Recently, Thermondo launched its first own heating system Thermondo t1 integrated with Tado. We think that Thermondo has the potential to become a smart green unicorn made in Germany.


Tado is one of the fastest-growing smart green startups in Germany. The Munich-based late stage startup provides climate control services to households by controlling heating and air conditioning systems. Tado was founded in 2011, pitched at Ecosummit Berlin 2012 for the first time and grew their team to over 150 employees. Christian Deilmann, Co-Founder and CPO, comments: “We currently have a lot of traction growing at 400% annually in 12 European markets, USA and Singapore. Although we are well-funded thanks to our last round in autumn 2015, Inven Capital presented a great opportunity to strengthen our position in Central and Southeastern Europe and further accelerate our growth and innovation leadership. Our goal is an IPO in a couple of years.”

Greencom Networks

Christian Feisst and Felix Grolman pitch Greencom Networks, the software platform for smart green utilities. SET Ventures, Centrica and innogy are among their investors.


Nikolaus Starzacher pitches the German smart meter operator Discovergy at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. Discovergy currently raises its Series B and we think it is a great investment opportunity.


Managing the world’s batteries: Simon Daniel pitches Moixa at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The UK startup is focused on managing large amounts of residential batteries to enable new energy services and is backed by Honda.


Sebastian Berning pitches Instagrid at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The German startup develops mobile batteries for professional field workers and targets other market segments in the future, too. One of the hottest smart green energy startups in Germany that is currently raising its Series A.


Serial entrepreneur Charlotta Holmquist pitches Blixt at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Swedish startup develops digital circuit breakers and is backed by BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures which they met at Ecosummit Berlin 2018. Digital circuit breakers will revolutionise the smart green energy market.


Thomas Öström pitches Climeon that converts low temperature waste heat into electricity at Ecosummit Stockholm 2017. Soon after their pitch Climeon was listed at Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and they have a lot of traction and demand from everywhere. Their market cap is around €340M at the moment.


Nils Aldag pitches Sunfire at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Dresden-based late stage startup makes very efficient solid oxide electrolysers and fuel cells using the same technology platform to convert renewable energy to liquid fuels and thus enable the important sector coupling for the 100% renewable energy system. Sunfire has got over 100 employees and is backed by Electranova Capital, Total Energy Ventures and KfW. Their impressive list of customers includes ThyssenKrupp and Vaillant. Sunfire is one of the best German smart green startups and recently raised its Series C.


Power-to-gas: Mich Hein pitches Electrochaea at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Munich-based startup has got a wonderful technology using biological methanation to turn renewable electricity into renewable gas for long-term energy storage. In the past couple of years, Electrochaea made a lot of progress and is one of our favourite smart green startups. There is still an open ticket in their current financing round.


Alexander Zosel pitches Volocopter at Ecosummit Berlin 2019 and tells his amazing startup story from the beginning until today. Volocopter is a global pioneer of electric urban aviation and wants to operate electric airtaxis in our megacities of the future. A few months ago the German startup announced the first closing of its Series C. It so happened that Ecosummit made a small crowd investment into Volocopter of 2013 of which we’re super proud given the success and progress of Volocopter. Electric aviation rocks!


On-demand urban air transportation is the next big thing according to Daniel Wiegand, CEO and Co-Founder of Lilium. The German aviation startup develops an electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft called Lilium jet since 2015. Lilium raised €10M Series A from Atomico and $90M Series B from Tencent, LGT, Obvious Ventures, Atomico and Freigeist. Lilium makes urban aviation electric, silent and available for everyone with the help of air taxis flying at 300 km/h with a range of 300 km..


BlaBlaCar is the first smart green unicorn made in Europe with a valuation of $1.6B. Empty seats in cars are the biggest long-distance transport network on the planet. The French startup enables resource efficient ride sharing to fill empty seats and operates in 22 countries. Both the drivers and passengers ride together on a private basis sharing the fuel costs. Thus they don’t need a license for passenger transport and don’t make any profit that will be taxed.


Cityscoot provides escooter sharing in Paris with 1.500 scooters and just raised €40M to accelerate its growth and enter more cities.


Vulog provides shared mobility technology and recently raised a €20M Series B from Frog Capital, Inven Capital, ETF Partners and Bpifrance.

Forsee Power

Forsee Power makes smart battery systems for urban mobility and is backed by Idinvest.


The French startup Sigfox operates a wireless IoT network and is an emerging unicorn. Sigfox raised €150M Series E in 2016 at a valuation of €600M. The investor syndicate includes Engie New Ventures, Idinvest and Bpifrance.


In February 2017, Kiwigrid raised a double-digit million Euro Series C from Aqton, Stefan Quandt’s family office that also invested in Heliatek’s Series D, Innogy and LG Electronics to build a global energy IoT platform. The Dresden-based smart green startup won the ECO16 Gold Award in the late stage category and has got over 105 employees. Kiwigrid currently looks for 2 more strategic investors.

Origami Energy

UK-based Origami Energy provides an energy management system to control distributed energy assets and create an edge of grid marketplace. On 5 April 2018, Origami Energy announced their Series B financing round of £18.6M from Aggreko (14% share) and existing investors Octopus Ventures, Cambridge Innovation Capital and Fred. Olsen. Interestingly, Aggreko acquired Younicos for $52M in July 2017.


Giovanni Fili pitches Exeger at Ecosummit Stockholm 2017. Exeger manufactures dye-sensitized solar cells for consumer electronics and other markets and is one of the hottest smart green startups in Sweden.


Harvesting light: Mattias Josephson pitches Epishine at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Swedish startup develops the next generation of printed solar cells that will be applied for consumer electronics and other markets. Epishine is very promising and backed by Swedish Energy Agency.


Moritz Aepfelbacher pitches Fos4x at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Munich-based started provides a software and hardware solution to optimise the performance of wind turbines and thus reduce wind energy costs. Fos4x is backed by Equinor and is one of Germany’s top smart green startups.


Swiss startup DEPsys develops Grideye, a powerful and cost efficient product to optimise the local smart grid of utilities (DSOs). DEPsys was first backed by Statkraft Ventures and VNT Management and recently raised their Series B from SET Ventures and BNP Paribas.


Christian Chudoba pitches Lumenaza at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Berlin-based software startup provides a powerful utility-in-a-box solution for new and existing utilities that want to enter the smart green energy market. Lumenaza is backed by EnBW New Ventures, IBB and EON.


David Balensiefen pitches GridX at Ecosummit Berlin 2019 and gives an update on his energy IoT startup. GridX is backed by innogy Ventures and one of the promising German smart green energy startups.

ENIT Systems

Hendrik Klosterkemper pitches ENIT Systems at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. ENIT Systems provides energy management for industry customers and has got a lot of traction.


Simon Koopmann pitches Envelio at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. Envelio is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University and provides their intelligent grid platform to distribution system operators (DSOs) for the next phase of the energy transition. The smart green startup raised €1M from Demeter and High-Tech Gründerfonds and is currently fundraising its Series A.


Berlin-based Ubitricity is a startup that perfectly represents the convergence of energy and mobility. Their core product is a mobile electricity meter integrated in a smart charging cable that enables charging and billing of electric vehicles and other devices in the future. Currently, they have a lot of traction in London installing their low-cost solution in streetlights around town. On 14 November 2017, Ubitricity announced a new investment from Next47 with support of the business unit Siemens Energy Management and their echarging team. While the terms of the transaction are undisclosed, this is a major milestone and proof of competence for the mobile electricity startup. In 2019, Ubitricity raised €20M Series C from Honda and existing investors.


Serial entrepreneur Pilgrim Beart pitches Devicepilot at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. Devicepilot helps customers manage and deploy IoT solutions in buildings and other areas.

Skeleton Technologies

Taavi Madiberk pitches Skeleton Technologies at ECO16 Berlin. Taavi’s pitch and his startup get better every year. Take a look for yourself and find out why Skeleton Technologies is the European leader in ultracapacitors and, in our opinion, one of the hottest investment opportunities for smart green investors in Europe. To all other startups: Watch this video to learn how to optimise your own pitch.

Cosmo Tech

Michel Morvan pitches Cosmo Tech at Ecosummit Berlin 2018. The French startup provides a software platform to generate augemented intelligence for smart green cities. The goal is to enable managers to take better decision in complex environments. Cosmo Tech is backed by Aster and currently fundraising.


Jérémie Rendolet pitches Metron at Ecosummit Paris 2018. The French startup provides an energy intelligence platform focused on factories. In June 2019, Metron raised €10M from NTT Docomo Ventures, Statkraft Ventures, BNP Paribas and Breed Reply.


Christina Lundbäck pitches Surfcleaner at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. Surfcleaner removes oil from water and has the perfect solution for oil and gas companies across the world. The Swedish startup is currently fundraising and backed by Swedish Energy Agency.


Maximilian Lössl pitches Agrilution at Ecosummit Berlin 2016. The Munich-based early stage startup develops the plantCube, a kitchen appliance that grows leafy greens at home faster and with better taste. Users control their digital greenhouse with an app and order new seedmats online. Agrilution enters a blue ocean selling a new product on a new market with no or very few competitors. They won ECO15 Award Gold and currently raise their Series B. Existing investors include Tengelmann Ventures and Fluxunit (Osram Ventures).

Sunna Design

Thomas Samuel pitches Sunna Design at Ecosummit Paris 2018. Sunna Design manufactures smart solar street lighting solutions and has got a lot of traction.


Air quality as a service: Marc Ottolini pitches Airlabs at Ecosummit Berlin 2019. The Danish/British startup has developed state-of-the-art technology to clean air in buildings and cars. Airlabs is very promising and currently fundraising.


Ekwateur is a fast-growing smart green utility startup in France with 50.000 customers backed by Aster.


Berlin-based Clevershuttle is backed by Daimler and Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures and operates electric shuttles with professional drivers.

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