Smart Green Book: Al Gore’s Our Choice for iPhone and iPad

Visionary US startup Push Pop Press just launched a super cool ebook publishing platform for Apple’s mobile gadgets: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. They did not just choose any book for the launch but the wonderful Our Choice by Smart Green Economy hero Al Gore. As you would expect it includes funky navigation options and lots of video. This is the future of interactive Smart Green Book reading and watching.

Wired has a background story on Push Pop Press: Gore, Ex-Apple Engineers Team Up to Blow Up the Book. Is the Smart Green Book the future of Smart Green Education that enables kids and adults to learn anytime and anywhere what they want?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you buy it. The introductory offer is €3,99. Now we look forward to the next publications of Push Pop Press. And we will think about our own ebook project covering and fostering the Smart Green Economy. Let us know if you want to join our project.

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