Rolf Stein pitches waste to energy startup Advanced Plasma Power

Ecosummit TV: Waste is a resource. Rolf Stein pitches Advanced Plasma Power (APP) at Ecosummit Berlin 2012. The UK-based startup has an efficient gas plasma technology to convert waste to energy. APP was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the British engineering company Tetronics. The outcomes of APP’s Gasplasma process are syngas (synthetic gas), which is rich in Hydrogen, and Plasmarok, a solid material which can be used for multiple applications, e.g. as building material.

ECO12 Rolf Stein Advanced Plasma Power

APP is proud of their high energy conversion efficiency and thinks that it can reach 80% within 5 years if the syngas is used in fuel cells. The USPs of Gasplamsa are zero waste, resource optimisation, proven gateway technology and local low impact solution. Watch Rolf on Ecosummit TV to get the details.

ECO12 Rolf Stein Advanced Plasma Power

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