Peter van Gelderen pitches early stage cleantech VC Icos Capital from the Netherlands

Ecosummit TV: Peter van Gelderen is a Dutch piano-playing cleantech investor who pitches his VC firm Icos Capital at ECO12 Düsseldorf. Founded in 2006, Icos Capital has got €75M under management and a portfolio of 9 cleantech startups. Peter likes to point out that his firm is an early stage investor because this is where the fun is and smart green company builders are needed the most. To be successful as early stage Cleantech VC, close relationships with corporates are a key success factor. Peter is Ecosummit Advisor and currently raises a new fund to which he invites German corporates as new LPs. Whether you are a corporate or startup, go and find Peter to discuss the art of early stage cleantech investing and the benefits of working together.

The ECO12 Düsseldorf presentation slides of Peter are available as PDF.

ECO12 Peter van Gelderen Icos Capital

ECO12 Peter van Gelderen Icos Capital

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess Ecosummit

ECO12 Peter van Gelderen Icos Capital

ECO12 Duesseldorf  Langen Foundation

ECO12 Berlin Peter van Gelderen Icos Capital

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