Mats Pettersson pitches Ecofective from Sweden

Ecosummit TV: Mats Pettersson pitches Ecofective at ECO13 London. The Swedish-German startup focuses on energy cost savings in existing buildings by using their energy management system called EE2. Founded in 2009 as a consulting firm, Ecofective pivoted in 2012 to become a product company and sell a cost-effective solution for the mass market of multi-tenant and small office buildings. Moreover, Ecofective is getting ready for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) as a mechanism to accelerate the rollout of their smart green building solution. EE2 enables cost savings of 13-25%, has been installed in over 120 buildings in Sweden and Germany and was approved by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.

Ecofective is backed by the Swedish Energy Agency and currently raises a Series A of €1M to €5M. As their German target market is ten times bigger than the Swedish market, Ecofective already operates an office in Munich headed by Dirk Uhlemann. Although there are a growing number of competitors working on reducing building energy costs, Ecofective should be on your watchlist due to a strong management team, existing customers and milestones reached in a short period of time.

The ECO13 London presentation slides of Mats are available as PDF.

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