Martin Riedel pitches the small wind startup Enbreeze

Ecosummit TV: Decentralised local energy production is a key trend in the Energiewende. While small PV systems are already widespread, small wind is a new market with large potential growing at 30% CAGR. The advantage of small wind is that the wind also blows during the night and on cloudy days. At ECO12 Düsseldorf, Martin Riedel pitches the German early stage cleantech startup Enbreeze that develops small wind turbines.

Enbreeze uses a smart control system that turns the rotor blades out of the wind if it gets too strong. This approach enables a lightweight turbine design using as little material as necessary. The result is up to 5 times lower turbine cost. The projected cost curve promises electricity generation costs of 10-15 cents per kwh, even at low wind speeds, if 1.000 to 10.000 units are produced. Enbreeze is Autodesk cleantech partner and interested in talking to new customers, investors and partners.

The ECO12 Düsseldorf presentation slides of Martin are available as PDF.

ECO12 Martin Riedel Enbreeze

ECO12 Martin Riedel Enbreeze

ECO12 Martin Riedel Enbreeze

ECO12 Duesseldorf Ecosummit TV

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