Marie-Anne Brodschii presents the Veolia Innovation Accelerator

Ecosummit TV: Marie-Anne Brodschii, VP Innovation at Veolia, explains how Veolia drives cleantech innovation and how the cooperation with startups works in practice. The French corporate has got cleantech in its DNA and is pretty big: 230.000 employees generate €29.6B revenues and are active on 5 continents. Veolia’s business is focused on the management of water, waste, energy and energy efficiency. In fact, Veolia is very open towards smart green innovation coming from startups. To foster open innovation, Veolia launched the Veolia Innovation Accelerator (VIA) 2 years ago.

ECO12 Marie-Anne Brodschii Veolia

VIA’s goal is to establish operational partnerships with young companies to facilitate faster access to market and deployment of their technologies. One of the participants in VIA is Envolure, a French startup founded in 2010, which analyses the type and value of nutrients available in organic waste and waste water. Yves Dudal, Envolure’s CEO, confirms that partnering with Veolia adds significant value as it helps his startup penetrate new markets a lot faster than they could do on their own. Marie-Anne is the perfect interface between the innovation community outside and Veolia’s business units inside.

ECO12 Marie-Anne Brodschii Veolia

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess and Marie-Anne Brodschii

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