Mads Jensen pitches Smart Green Building Software Startup Sefaira

Every city has to become a smart green city and every building should go smart green, too. Mads Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO, pitches Sefaira at ECO11. The UK- and US-based startup offers software for designing sustainable buildings and optimising their energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Sefaira is currently in private beta and invites innovative architects and building engineers to test it for new projects. Investors are also welcome to join and accelerate the smart green building design revolution.

Sefaira Concept is tailored for designing new buildings while Sefaira Renew caters to the 25-times bigger market of retrofitting buildings with energy efficient technology. Sefaira offers its software as a service using the power of cloud computing. To get to know Sefaira a bit better, I recommend watching Mads on Ecosummit TV.

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