Hans Streng shares the emobility strategy of ABB

Ecosummit TV: Hans Streng, SVP and General Manager of EV Charging Infrastructure at ABB, sold Epyon, which was incubated by Yes!Delft, to ABB and summarises his startup experience: “The true nature of a cleantech startup is how you manage continuous fluctuations and disruptions. Business changes on a day-to-day basis. The closer you get to the Internet domain, the faster the changes come. The closer you move to the CAPEX domain, the bigger the changes are.” At ECO12 Berlin, Hans presents ABB’s emobility strategy and talks about working with a small startup team inside a big corporate.

ECO12 Hans Streng ABB

Emobility means a big disruption for utilities, car manufacturers and their suppliers. Startups and corporates alike have to be very flexible to adapt to a quickly changing market environment. As for the Eypon team inside ABB, they have the freedom to continue acting like a startup. This may be the secret of post-acquisition integration of startups in strategic new markets.

ECO12 Hans Streng ABB On Stage

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