Erwin Burth invites you to join the free Autodesk Cleantech Partner Programme

Erwin Burth is Head of Cleantech Business Development EMEA at Autodesk, the famous CAD (Computer Aided Design) software company. It’s just pure magic how you can do intelligent product design using cool software and the power of cloud computing. At ECO11, Erwin presents the generous Autodesk Cleantech Partner Programme that provides free Autodesk software with a value of €120K ($150K) to Cleantech startups. Among the ECO11 startups, Pyrum, NTS and Solar Tower Systems are members of the Autodesk Cleantech Partner Programme. Apparently, it is rather easy to get accepted into the programme. So what are you waiting for?

Erwin agreed to share his ECO11 Autodesk slides as PDF.

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