Ecosummit Zoom 7 July 2021

This is our last online event before the summer break and Ecosummit Berlin. Let’s connect fundraising startups and active investors at Ecosummit Zoom 7 July 2021, our 15th online event, co-hosted by Gerard Reid and Bart Markus. The agenda presents 12 amazing speakers briefing us on mobile batteries, ecargo bikes, energy flexibility, energy marketplaces, hydrogen production, low-cost fuel cells, energy innovation in Israel, thermal energy storage and smart green corporate venturing: Sebastian Berning (Instagrid, Series B), Hans Cool (Eneco Ventures), Tom Mason (Bramble Energy, Series B), Beres Seelbach (Ono, Series B), James Quinn (Faradion, Series B), James Johnston (Piclo), Richard Lohwasser (Lition Energy, Growth Round), Eran Levy (Enel Innovation Hub Tel Aviv), Doron Brenmiller (Brenmiller Energy), Robert Trezona (IP Group), Johann Boukhors (Engie New Ventures) and Andrés Galnares (H2Site, Series A). Please get in touch if you want to pitch at Ecosummit to accelerate your startup, fund or portfolio. Get your tickets and join us. Let’s co-invest, cooperate and build big startups with big impact.

Ecosummit Zoom Tickets

Get your tickets for €200 plus VAT to join our monthly Ecosummit Zoom online events. We don’t publish Ecosummit Zoom on YouTube to keep our online events exclusive.

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Ecosummit Zoom 7 July 2021 Agenda

We run our morning session on 7 July 2021 from 09:45-12:30 Berlin time and the agenda is presented below. We look forward to hosting you at Ecosummit Zoom. Thanks a lot for joining us and spreading the word.

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