Ecosummit Zoom 1 July 2020

Our third Ecosummit Zoom 1 July 2020, 10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00 Berlin time, presents 22 smart green startups, investors and corporates in energy, mobility and cities. 2 weeks ago our second online event unveiled happy investors and outstanding investment opportunities. Energy Impact Partners launched its European fund and is in the process of making new investments and signing term sheets. The first closing of Rockstart’s energy fund is also around the corner and will enable the Amsterdam-based accelerator to make follow-on investments in its portfolio.

Mitsubishi and Chubu Electric Power, the new Japanese owners of the Dutch utility Eneco, continue to support its corporate venturing strategy. We got an update from Thermondo and Next Kraftwerke, 2 of Eneco’s portfolio stars that are open for new growth investors or an exit. Moreover, battery manager Moixa is raising £10M Series C, utility software provider Lumenaza €5M Series B and grid monitoring startup Zaphiro €4M Series A. Instagrid already sold more than 20.000 mobile batteries to a few large distribution partners that will hit the market next year. We’re very grateful that the Ecosummit startups make progress on maximising their impact until 2030.

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Get your pay-per-event tickets for €200 plus VAT to join our monthly Ecosummit Zoom online events. Existing Ecosummit Berlin 2020 tickets and sponsorships are valid for our online events (until December 2020) and the next physical Ecosummit Berlin (to be annoucned).

We don’t publish Ecosummit Zoom on YouTube to keep our online events exclusive.

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We look forward to hosting you at Ecosummit Zoom. Thanks a lot for joining us.

Ecosummit Zoom 1 July 2020 Agenda

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