Ecosummit TV accepted as official Youtube Partner

Today we have received good news from Youtube: Ecosummit TV has been granted official Youtube Partner status. This means we can now upload long videos (> 15 min) and include advertising to refinance our production costs. Ecosummit TV is the free on-demand IPTV channel covering the great transformation to the Smart Green Economy. We have started Ecosummit TV on 20 February 2011 and uploaded 42 videos in full HD quality that achieved 4.280 views as of today. Thanks to Youtube and Apple, Ecosummit TV is, in fact, high-quality Mobile TV as it looks fantastic on the iPhone and iPad.

Our top video is the geeky interview we recorded in Dresden prior to ECO11 with Novaled’s founder and chief scientist Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth. Up to now it received 872 views, partly due to the fact that it was embedded by OLED Below I have embedded 5 of my favourite Ecosummit TV videos that deserve more traffic. Feel free to share the videos and spread the message.

Joulex is the poster child of Smart Green IT. Thomas Noonan, CEO of Joulex, gave a very professional presentation at Ecosummit 2011 in Berlin explaining how Enterprise Energy Management can work to save significant amounts of energy and money. Already today, many devices have an IP address and are networked, thus they can be power-managed remotely over the network. In the future, the amount of online devices and sensors in corporate and private networks will grow tremendously. Joulex is well positioned to monetise this megatrend and the VCs are lining up to get into the deal.

Gina Domanig, Managing Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures, is a real pioneer in the Cleantech Venture Capital scene. 10 years ago she raised her first Cleantech fund and can now tell very interesting stories about the lessons she learned during the past decade. At Ecosummit 2011, Gina gave a wonderful slide-free speech sharing her VC experience. Gina points out the significance of managing close relationships with the corporates in the various Cleantech sectors, i.e. the big companies that often buy the products of the startups or, even better, the entire startup company. In my eyes, a real highlight of our agenda and definitely a must-watch episode of Ecosummit TV for investors, startups and corporates.

“You need to master the industry in which you invest,” says the French VC with a plan to help the big chemistry corporates overcome their oil dependence through external innovation commercialised by innovative startups. His name is Denis Lucquin, Managing Partner of Sofinnova Partners, one of the most successful VCs in Europe. I was totally impressed by the strategy of his new VC fund focused within Cleantech on the specific sector called Green Chemistry. New ecofriendly materials nanoengineered in the lab that can substitute the feedstock oil will transform the chemical industry profoundly. Smart investors and startups foresee this tectonic shift in the chemical industry and co-invent the future. Watch Denis live on Ecosummit TV explain how he does it.

It’s the cost curves, stupid! – A cool title chosen for his speech by Michael Linse, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, at ECO11 in Berlin. The cost of production for all major green technologies including PV, Wind, Water, Batteries etc. will further go down. That’s the good news. Driving cost out of the business should be the focus of all Cleantech startups and corporates trying to scale their business and go global. According to Michael, it is also the key parameter for his investment decisions. Later stage deals mean that the technology risk has already been taken out. The next question is how to scale globally as fast as possible. Enter Michael’s KPCB Green Growth Fund.

Ane Mari Aakernes, Gernot Toegel and Jan Michael Hess have been busy producing Ecosummit TV during the last 10 days. Our first Ecosummit TV ECO11 Mix offers you some funky 10 minutes of ECO11 experience including many speakers, startups, investors and participants. A great opportunity to relive Ecosummit 2011 on 24-25 March in Berlin. The groovy Jazz music you can hear is the song “Lost in Bogota” by Erik Truffaz on his new album “In Between”. When shall we do the next Ecosummit to celebrate and accelerate the Smart Green Economy?

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