Ecosummit rocks Amsterdam on 7 July 2016 at Rockstart

This year we bring Ecosummit for the first time to Amsterdam because we like the city and believe it is a good business idea. During the last few months we worked very hard to make it happen and digged deep into the Dutch smart green innovation community. We got a lot of positive response from old and new Ecosummit friends and also sent a few one-way emails into the local internet whose inbox owners don’t value our European startup platform as much as we do – not yet. This is going to change next week when Ecosummit rocks Amsterdam on 7 July at Rockstart, the famous Dutch startup accelerator founded in 2011 by the serial entrepreneur and Yoga enthusiast Oscar Kneppers and a few of his business buddies. Since 2014, Rockstart is an Ecosummit partner that showcases their smart energy portfolio every year on stage and Ecosummit TV. In March 2016, the lottery-funded impact VC DOEN Foundation invested in Rockstart because both organisations share the same vision that entrepreneurs are able to solve the big problems of our planet, society and economy.

Ecosummit Rocks Amsterdam 7 July 2016

ECO16 Amsterdam will be a packed 1-day conference from 08:30 until 18:30, followed by a relaxed dinner party onsite with DJ Peyman Mostowfi until 23:00. While we’re organising more events and entering new markets, we’re also aiming at presenting a lot of new companies to our audience. As a result, the agenda features 36 smart green startups of which 75% pitch for the first time at Ecosummit. We look forward to all pitches, of course, but there are a few highlights that you shouldn’t miss. Co-Founder Joris Jonker gives an update on Quby that he sold to Rotterdam-based utility Eneco in 2015. The smart home controller Toon has got over 200K users in the Netherlands and will now be rolled out internationally. The first exclusive deal was closed with Engie Electrabel in Belgium. On our first panel we will discuss how important Quby is for the smart green utility transformation of Eneco.

ECO16 Amsterdam Quby Office Visit

After our first conference in 2010, we also got the startup fever and started working on the business idea of electric taxis. Back then, battery swapping was very expensive – now BattSwap works on making it affordable – and high-quality EVs were a rare thing, especially in Germany. It so happens that the Dutch embraced electric mobility from early on creating fertile soil for sustainable entrepreneurs. Ruud Zandvliet pitches Taxi Electric that operates a profitable etaxi fleet of 40 Model S and Nissan Leaf in Amsterdam that are fast charged a few times per day. Now Ruud wants to enter new markets and looks for new partners to grow the impact of his smart green mobility business model. While taxis are supposed to always be on the move to make more money for its drivers, most private cars are parking. ParkBee has a solution for making private parking garages available for the public.

ECO16 Amsterdam Friendship Rederij

The circular economy is a great idea for smart green cities and Amsterdam is a leading clean lab. Eva Gladek of Metabolic talks about a lot of cool projects happening in Amsterdam and beyond. Martijn Lopes Cardozo explains how his startup Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires, a smart green innovation the car industry is waiting for for ages. An equally big business opportunity is e-waste that Martin Jaehnert tackles with his German startup Binee. At the same time, the circular economy needs smart green supply chains. Boudewijn Mos pitches EcoChain and its powerful software to manage supply chains more sustainably.

ECO16 Amsterdam Clean Lab

Now it’s time to check out who you can meet at Ecosummit Amsterdam next week and get your tickets to join us. If you have time before or after the conference, you may want to drift away, build a flash mob for a bigger friendship, visit Café de Ceuvel or Hannekes Boom (by bicycle or boat) or watch the semifinals. As their second best option, the Dutch are now cheering for Belgium.

ECO16 Amsterdam Café de Ceuvel

ECO16 Amsterdam Hannekes Boom

ECO16 Amsterdam DJ Peyman Mostowfi

ECO16 Amsterdam Semifinals Westergas

ECO16 Amsterdam Peter and Freerk

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