Call for smart green startups: Pitch at ECO17 Berlin and apply for ECO17 Award and Ecosummit Europe 100

Since 2010, we have established Ecosummit as Europe’s leading smart green innovation and impact conference for startups, corporates and investors active in energy, mobility, buildings, cities, materials and food. In 2017, we organise 4 conferences in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and London presenting over 150 startups. Our flagship event Ecosummit Berlin 2017 takes place on 9-10 May 2017 at the Radialsystem, unites over 300 participants and is supported by an innovative group of sponsors. Now we call the best smart green startups in Europe to get promoted by pitching at ECO17 Berlin, applying for ECO17 Award and getting featured in our new startup list Ecosummit Europe 100. Past Ecosummit Award winners include Sonnen (Series D), Heliatek (Series D), Tado (€20M from Inven) and Kiwigrid (Series C).

Pitch at Ecosummit Berlin 2017

Fundable smart green startups are welcome to pitch for 5 minutes at ECO17 Berlin. The startup pitch and conference ticket costs €600,00 plus VAT. We will produce a high-quality pitch video for Ecosummit TV that will be online within 2 weeks after the conference. Please email us your pitch deck (investor presentation in English as PDF) if you’re interested in going on stage and in front of the Ecosummit TV cameras. Remember to only share information on stage that you want to be public.

Apply for Ecosummit Award 2017

Ecosummit Award 2017 is part of ECO17 Berlin and brings publicity and prize money to the most innovative startups that enjoy fast growth and high chances for a successful exit. The ECO17 Award jury consists of investors and corporates that are actively looking for new investment and open innovation opportunities. The ECO17 Award rewards the 3 best startups in 2 categories: Early Stage Startup (< €2M revenues 2016) and Late Stage Startup (> €2M revenues 2016). To apply for the ECO17 Award, please create a public startup profile on Ecosummit Market. After completing your profile click on “Apply for Ecosummit Award 2017” to notify our team. The application period for ECO17 Award ends on Monday, 24 April 2017. Afterwards, the online jury voting takes place. The 6 winners of ECO17 Award will be announced at ECO17 Berlin on 9 May 2017. Past Ecosummit Award winners won’t be nominated again to help us discover and promote new startups.

Apply for Ecosummit Europe 100

For the first time, we create the startup list Ecosummit Europe 100 this year and plan to publish it before summer. Ecosummit Europe 100 will feature 100 European startups that in our opinion are really good and have a lot of traction. It is a very subjective list of startups benefiting from our experience and network. However, we ask smart green investors and corporates including the ECO17 Award jury which companies should be on the list. If you want us to take your startup into consideration, please send us your pitch deck in case we don’t know you yet.

We look forward to hearing from you and are very grateful for your support.

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