Bart Markus Of Wellington Talks About The Art Of Investing In Cleantech Startups

Ecosummit TV: Bart Markus, General Partner of Wellington Partners, gives an outstanding talk about the Art of Investing in Cleantech Startups at Ecosummit Berlin 2012. Bart admits that being a successful Cleantech VC is a big challenge as Cleantech startups usually are very capital intensive and need a long time to develop until investors can exit. However, there are a number of success factors that Bart manages when advising his portfolio. One of them is having the best management team in place in every phase of the startup process. Another one is being 100% customer-centric because without solving real problems of customers revenue growth isn’t possible. Bart is a very smart and funny investor ready to share his experience and investment strategy.

ECO12 Bart Markus Wellington Partners Photo

ECO12 Jan Michael Hess Bart Markus

Smart Green VC Bart Markus Wellington Partners

ECO12 Bart Markus Thibaud Le Seguillon

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