Alexander Krajete pitches Bio Power Storage Cleantech Startup Greenthitan

Alexander Krajete, Founder and CEO of Krajete GmbH (formerly known as Greenthitan), pitches his 3G bio fuel cleantech startup to investors at ECO11. The business idea of Krajete is biological power storage as natural gas. Alexander produces CH4 (methane gas) and H2O (water) out of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 4H2 (hydrogen) using a biological transformation process called methanation (methanogenesis) performed by Archaea. Methanation is a key technology in the new Power to Gas market.

Archaea are single-celled microorganisms living in the deep sea or volcanic hotsprings without oxygen. Most competitors use a chemical transformation process which according to Alexander is more expensive and less efficient. Greenthitan is an Austrian startup with 4 employees and has raised €550K so far. Now Alexander needs €3M for a big demontrastion plant. My favourite cleantech startup at ECO11.

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