Ecosummit TV

Smart Green Business TV

Ecosummit TV on YouTube features Europe’s leading smart green startups, investors and corporates in HD quality and looks beautiful on big and small screens. The Ecosummit TV channel surpassed 240K video views and provides 600 videos of which 15 highlights are presented below. Ecosummit TV is produced by Gernot Tögel and Jan Michael Hess. Anna Yukiko Bickenbach moderates the interviews with participants. Thank you for watching Ecosummit TV!

ECO16 London Andreas Stubelius Swedish Energy Agency

ECO16 Amsterdam Ecosummit TV

ECO16 Berlin Ecosummit TV Live Production

Kate Hofman pitches GrowUp Urban Farms

James Johnston pitches Open Utility

Wouter de Bruijne pitches ParkBee

Marcel Peters pitches Bundles

Martijn Lopes Cardozo pitches Black Bear

Erik Smith pitches Solvoltaics

Carsten Bether pitches Kiwigrid

Leopold von Bismarck pitches Tado

Klaus Maier pitches Mobisol

Christoph Ostermann pitches Sonnen

Nils Aldag pitches Sunfire

Taavi Madiberk pitches Skeleton Technologies

Maximilian Lössl pitches Agrilution

Christian Chudoba pitches Lumenaza

Michael Hübl pitches Flinc