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Ecosummit is Europe’s leading smart green innovation and impact conference for startups, investors and corporates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and London. Our conferences are physical marketplaces enabling personal meetings and long-term relationships in a relaxed and productive atmosphere. We accelerate startups, foster co-investing and enable open innovation and corporate venturing. We focus on sustainable innovation and resource efficiency in energy, mobility, buildings, cities, materials and food, powered by IoT, AI, robotics and blockchain. Let’s automate sustainability in every industry.

Since 2010, we organised 13 international conferences in Berlin (7), London (4), Amsterdam (1) and Düsseldorf (1) with over 2.500 participants and 470 startup pitches. Our main online marketing tools are Ecosummit TV, Ecosummit Market and Ecosummit Award. Ecosummit TV on YouTube provides 600 videos of the best companies that presented at our events and surpassed 260K video views. Ecosummit Market is the open platform for smart green startups to support fundraising, recruiting and business development. The winners of Ecosummit Award 2016 are Kiwigrid, Mobisol, Kebony, Lumenaza, BEN Energy and Electrochaea.

You’re welcome to sponsor and join our 4 conferences in 2017:

We are a startup at the intersection of entrepreneurship, resource efficiency, internet, open innovation, venture capital, marketing and events. The Ecosummit team cooperates with a fantastic group of sponsors and ambassadors with whom we share the same mindset. Please contact us to pitch or sponsor. The Ecosummit pitch for sponsors (PDF) explains the sponsorship packages available.

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Ecosummit startup consulting

The Ecosummit team advises smart green startups on fundraising, strategy, marketing and sales. To find the best solutions for our clients, we take advantage of our extensive Ecosummit network and in-depth cleantech market expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing the present and future of your startup and how we can help you. To get started, we highly recommend that you read our favourite startup and VC books: Elon Musk (Ashlee Vance), Venture Deals (Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson), Launch Pad: Inside Y Combinator (Randall Stross), Eboys (Randall Stross), Lean Startup (Eric Ries), Startup Owner’s Manual (Steve Blank) and The Business of Venture Capital (Mahendra Ramsinghani).

Smart green city

Every city wants to be a smart green city. The urban transformation should start with a smart green building like the Crystal that proves what can be done by implementing the best technologies in the market. The Crystal may soon be surrounded by a smart green city quarter that integrates a large number of buildings and serves a critical mass of companies and citizens enjoying a smart green lifestyle. The ultimate vision is a smart green business cluster that acts as a transparent marketplace, accelerates the transformation of the entire city and invites copycats all over the planet. Let’s transform our cities into smart green cities.

Ecosummit Smart Green City

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