ECO16 Award Jury

Ecosummit Award

Ecosummit Award 2016 is part of our flagship event ECO16 Berlin on 26-27 April 2016 and brings publicity and €6K prize money to the best smart green startups in Europe. Application deadline for Ecosummit Award 2016 is Sunday, 10 April 2016.

We assembled the ECO16 Award jury to focus on smart green investors (angels, accelerators, VCs and impact investors) and corporates that are actively looking for new investment and open innovation opportunities. Casting their votes, the judges assess growth potential (product market fit, revenues and international competitiveness), product innovation and environmental impact.

€1.500, €1.000 and €500 plus 2 Ecosummit startup tickets valid for 12 months go to the best 3 startups in the Early Stage Startup and Late Stage Startup categories that convince the jury and collect the most points during the online jury voting between 11 and 18 April 2016. Per vote the Gold candidate gets 3 points, the Silver candidate gets 2 points and the Bronze candidate gets 1 point. The winners of the ECO16 Award will be announced at ECO16 Berlin on Tuesday, 26 April 2016.

Jury members may invite startups in their portfolio and network to apply and contact the nominees to learn more about their startups during the voting process.

We are grateful to our 43 online judges who voted and supported the Ecosummit Award 2016:

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