Ecosummit Award 2015

Ecosummit Award

Ecosummit is Europe’s leading smart green innovation conference for startups, VCs and corporates. We love smart, green and lean startups that make and sell intelligent, resource efficient products in a capital efficient way. Ecosummit Award 2015 is part of Ecosummit Berlin 2015 on 19-20 May and brings publicity and €6K prize money to the best smart green startups in Europe. In 2015, our jury will select the top 3 startups in 2 categories: Early Stage (< €2M revenues in 2014) and Late Stage (> €2M revenues 2014). From a VC’s point of view, the Ecosummit Award is about finding the best startups with the highest chances for fast growth and a successful exit.

The winners of Ecosummit Award 2014 are Sonnenbatterie, Sunfire and Orcan Energy. We nominated 49 hot startups from 13 countries that were judged by 39 industry experts.

ECO14 Berlin Award Winners


We are assembling an awesome ECO15 Award jury representing smart green VCs, corporates, service providers and specialised press. To select the ECO15 Award winners, the members of the jury assess product innovation (product market fit and technology USP), business potential (business model, revenues and competitiveness) and environmental impact.


€1.500, €1.000 and €500 plus 2 ECO15 Berlin tickets go to the 3 best startups in the Early Stage and Late Stage category that convince the jury and collect the most jury votes. The judges select their top 3 startups in each category until 4 May 2015. The winners of the ECO15 Award will be announced at ECO15 Berlin on Tuesday, 19 May 2015.

  1. Gold: €1.500 + 2 ECO15 Berlin tickets
  2. Silver: €1.000 + 2 ECO15 Berlin tickets
  3. Bronze: €500 + 2 ECO15 Berlin tickets


ECO15 Award applications start on 19 January 2015 and are accepted until 30 March 2015. You should only apply for the ECO15 Award if you are a smart green startup that develops an innovative product with promising business potential and positive environmental impact. To get nominated you should have reached several milestones (company foundation, experienced management team, advanced product development, backing from angels or VCs, strategic partners, promising customer feedback or revenues).

To apply for the ECO15 Award, first we invite you to create a startup profile on Ecosummit Market. Once your startup profile is complete, you can apply for the award by clicking on “Apply for ECO15 Award.” The more information you publish on your startup profile, the easier it is for the ECO15 Award jury to judge the business potential of your startup.

We want to benefit from the intelligence and reach of our community to find the best startups. Thus, we appreciate your help with spreading the word and motivating the best smart green startups you know to apply for the Ecosummit Award 2015.

Award ceremony and party

In the evening of the first ECO15 Berlin conference day, Tuesday, 19 May 2015, we will celebrate the big ECO15 Award party at the fantastic Radialsystem featuring award ceremony, healthy dinner buffet, delicious drinks, groovy music and an awesome guestlist.

Ecosummit Award 2013

43 smart green startups were nominated and judged by the Facebook community and our expert jury. The winners of Ecosummit Award 2013 are Sefaira, Tado and Sonnenbatterie.

ECO13 Berlin Award Winners

Ecosummit Award 2012

52 smart green startups were nominated and judged by the Facebook community and our expert jury. The winners of Ecosummit Award 2012 are Smart Hydro Power, Heliatek and

Ecosummit 2012 Award Winners on stage

ECO12 Laing Concert

ECO12 Berlin Audience