ECO14 Berlin Sponsors

Ecosummit is Europe’s leading smart green innovation conference for startups, investors and corporates. Since 2010, we organised 6 conferences in Berlin, London and Düsseldorf with over 1.250 participants and 150 startup pitches. Ecosummit Berlin 2014 happens on 3-4 June 2014 at the Radialsystem and Ecosummit London 2014 happens on 7-8 October 2014 at the Crystal.

The new Ecosummit pitch for sponsors and partners (PDF) explains our European event strategy in 2014/15 and the available sponsorship and partnership packages. Benefits for VCs include dealflow generation, portfolio promotion, co-investor networking and fund marketing. We recommend a long-term Ecosummit subscription for 2 events or more to enjoy special discounts. All sponsors are invited to the exclusive Ecosummit sponsor dinner on Monday evening before the conference (ECO14 Berlin: 2 June 2014, 19:00 and ECO14 London: 6 October 2014, 19:00). Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring or partnering.

Here you find the ECO13 London Sponsors, ECO13 Berlin Sponsors, ECO12 Düsseldorf Sponsors and ECO12 Berlin Sponsors.

ECO14 Berlin Silver Sponsors

Cisco Logo

Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, is helping the energy industry modernize the electrical grid from generation to distribution to consumption – with highly secure, reliable and scalable communications solutions. Cisco Connected Grid solutions include:

  • Transmission and Substation solutions that reduce service disruptions for consumers and lower operating expenses for utilities.
  • Grid Security solutions that address physical and cyber security compliance needs for critical infrastructure.
  • Building Energy Management solutions that enable facility operators to monitor, report, and control energy use.
  • Enterprise and Grid Operation solutions that enable scalable and secure data collection and storage solutions for analytics and management systems.

VNT Management Logo

Smart Green VC: VNT is a Finnish-German venture capital management company with three funds and €157M assets under management. VNT is operating in Europe and focusing on clean technologies. More specifically, the investment focus is on renewable and distributed power generation and energy efficiency technologies, especially in power electronic applications. Of particular interest are innovations in wind, solar, wave power and biomass – as well as energy efficiency solutions as electrical drive trains to industry, heavy mobile work machines and solid-state lighting. A wide industrial business experience, an active management and fair play are the characteristics of VNT. The VNT team assists in all business aspects, in particular in optimizing business models, marketing, operations and management tasks, establishing supply chains and sales networks.

Ecomobilité Ventures Logo

Smart Green VC: Ecomobilité Ventures, Europe’s first private equity fund dedicated to innovation in sustainable mobility, was created by French national railway operator SNCF, mobile telephone operator Orange and energy company Total. Ecomobilité Ventures recently invested a total of €5 million to acquire equity interests in three European ecomobility startups: Move About, EZ‐Wheel and Ouicar. The key to ensuring the success of sustainable mobility lies in stepped up innovation and more extensive cooperation between startups and large corporations. Ecomobilité Ventures intends to provide long‐term support for this fast growing industry. Backed by €25 million in capital, the corporate partnership is focusing its investments on four priority areas: transportation services, innovative information technology, connected vehicles and mobility products, and intelligent infrastructure. The three fledgling companies selected contribute to fostering the emergence of new modes of transportation and mobility solutions, each in its own sector. Ecomobilité Ventures supports ECO14 Berlin and ECO14 London.

Chrysalix SET Logo

Smart Green VC: Chrysalix SET is the Amsterdam-based venture capitalist firm managing SET Fund I and SET Fund II with investments in early and growth stage European technology companies with high growth potential that also have an impact on the future of energy in this world. We care about sustainability issues and want to contribute in a meaningful way, while maximizing returns for our investors by creating valuable companies. Typically these companies are active in the markets for sustainable energy generation, smart grid, transmission, storage and energy efficiency. The experienced Chrysalix SET investment team and partners have shown that their value chain investment philosophy and company building capabilities provide more than just financing. We have a long standing venture capital track record in various industries, since 2007 exclusively focused on sustainable energy technologies. The whole team comes from the industry and is geared towards the interests of its limited partners and the portfolio companies it has invested in. Chrysalix SET is a founding member of The Chrysalix Global Network (GCN), a premier alliance of independent, top-tier venture capital firms including Vancouver-based Chrysalix EVC and Beijing-based GRC Chrysalix. Chrysalix SET’s current portfolio includes AlertMe, MicroShade, NGentec, LuXeXcel, EnOcean and Sefaira.

IBB Logo

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the business development bank of Berlin. With a wide product spectrum it is active in the areas of business as well as housing and real estate promotion. IBB supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Berlin with subsidies, loan products and equity stakes developing targeted solutions for its clients. In doing so it works in close cooperation with all local commercial banks. IBB takes a central role in economic development by financing small and medium-sized enterprises. Its particular focus lies on innovative companies that are active in the following key sectors in Berlin: health economy, information and communication technology, media and creative industry, transport, mobility and logistics, energy technology and optical technology. A further focus is the support of founders and startups with targeted advice as well as a full range of funding products customised to the respective need of each client.

Rockstart Accelerator Logo

We support 10 startups for 100 days, backed by 80 mentors in one of Europe’s leading startup hubs: Amsterdam. Since 2012, Rockstart Accelerator has accelerated twenty startups over two programs focused on the web and mobile industry. We have recently designed and established a new program focused on helping smart energy startups. The Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy program helps startups create, develop and market their innovative products better, faster and more successfully, helping them navigate the challenging and difficult early stages of starting up.

Swedish Energy Agency Logo

The Swedish Energy Agency works for a smarter energy use, which involves among other things to channel practically all Swedish state funds that go into energy research. The Business Development and Commercialisation department is focused on making business from this research by bringing together researchers and business developers, contractors, customers and capital. This department also provides their own funding to cases with technical uniqueness, high energy relevance as well as a strong team behind the concept. Swedish Energy Agency supports ECO14 Berlin, ECO14 London and ECO15 Berlin.

Cartagena Capital Logo

Cartagena Capital is an international technology-focused M&A advisory firm headquartered in Munich. We realise value for companies and shareholders seeking to raise growth capital or to achieve an exit. Our experienced team, located across Europe, the US and Asia, aligns the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and acquirers to achieve optimal value.

Green Technology Staffing Logo

Green Technology Staffing recruits cleantech specialists for the Green Economy. For planet saving companies. Companies in green technology development. In sustainable power generation and sustainable power storage. In low emission mobility. In efficient raw material processing. In water supply technology. Green Technology Staffing enthuses creative masterminds and visionary makers in this industry and for this industry. Identifies talent, willing to contribute actively in designing our environment. Committing themselves to work on it. Designing intelligent solutions for tomorrow. With passion, creativity and emphasis. Aware of the difference between “a work place” and “a mission.”

Sonnenbatterie Logo

Smart Green Startup: Sonnenbatterie is the German market leader for intelligent lithium storage systems and has extensive experience in battery storage technologies and renewable energies. As a medium-sized enterprise specializing in storage systems, Sonnenbatterie is committed to the highest quality, “Made in Germany”. The solar battery is exclusively manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Allgäu, where it is also subjected to thorough quality control. With this background, the solar battery has also been TÜV certified since 2011. Sonnenbatterie consistently invests in research and development that also predominantly takes place at the company’s Bavarian headquarters. The solar battery was introduced to the German and Austrian markets in January 2011 as one of the first proven and transportable intelligent lithium storage systems. Sonnenbatterie is a pioneer in what is now a rapidly growing storage market. Sonnenbatterie experiences strong growth, has over 65 qualified employees and is backed by eCapital.

Ubitricity Logo

Smart Green Startup: Ubitricity was founded in Berlin in 2008 to develop new services for households with electric vehicles. We are now one of the few independent energy providers in Germany who deliver renewable electricity to households. In the future, ubitricity will offer its customers who drive EVs the possibility to charge up everywhere (e.g. at work) in total security and confidence, and with one single, simple bill to pay. Customers will receive the benefits of a new infrastructure concept – delivery, metering and billing services for green electricity. In 2010, ubitricity was able to win Earlybird, one of Europe’s most successful venture capital investors, for a Series A financing round. ubitricity’s Mobile Metering concept makes a comprehensive charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV) affordable. The metering and communications technology necessary for recharging a vehicle is mobilized. It is installed in the EV or inside the charging cable rather than inside every single charging point. As a result, charging points can be reduced to lean and affordable ubitricity system sockets that can easily be installed anywhere users need them, and allow for truly unlimited mobility.

Rockethome Logo

Smart Green Startup: Rockethome is one of the most innovative providers of smart home and energy management systems in Europe. With its advanced software-as-a-service solutions Rockethome helps utilities, telecoms, hardware manufacturers, security providers and other service providers convince their customers of modern smart home services (e.g. security, lighting, heating, air condition, healthcare, energy feed-in and storage, electric vehicles). Rockethome offers a unique user engagement platform for the interpretation, visualization and control of Smart Home and Smart Metering applications. Due to the highly intuitive and added-value applications customers can analyze and visualize their energy consumption as well as control rooms and devices (online, mobile, in-home). It further integrates the monitoring of local solar power or CHP systems and the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. Rockethome’s unique Behavioral Automation System offers a self-learning solution that adapts automatically to the users’ habits and preferences.

O-flexx Logo

Smart Green Startup: O-Flexx Technologies is one of the most innovative companies in thermoelectrics worldwide. Its disruptive device setup and manufacturing approach offers the chance to compete against all other heat-to-power technologies and even against the electricity grid. The application field for the O-Flexx devices is very broad: from autonomous sensor and RF networks in the µW to mW scale via grid-independent heating systems to full scale electricity-from-waste-heat installations in the double digit kW-range. The system setup is robust, long living and easy to integrate both in new systems as well as in retrofit installations. O-Flexx is located in Duisburg, Germany, and is proud to operate with an international network of suppliers, customers and universities. A high volume manufacturing line is set up and tested and can easily be brought to three shift operation. The company actually has 13 employees and is backed by Emerald Technology Ventures, SAM GmbH and NRW Bank as investors.

Greenpocket Logo

Smart Green Startup: GreenPocket provides pioneering software for smart metering and smart home. Combining the best of the Internet with the new world of smart energy, we enable utilities to significantly increase the energy efficiency of private households, businesses and municipalities. Founded in 2009, GreenPocket has quickly become a European player in the Smart Energy market. Next to several major European utilities, we have already signed up 30 renowned German utilities, such as Vattenfall Germany and the municipal utilities in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Bremen and Bonn. Since the company’s foundation, we have launched over 50 energy application projects. Today, we are proud to say that we are Germany’s leading software provider for consumer-oriented smart metering and smart home software.

allocate Logo

Allocate is an international consulting company with a strong focus on Top Management Consulting and Executive Search. We maximize your return on allocation by merging smart strategies with integrated resource allocation. During our consulting projects we build one team with the client in which our senior experts are supported by best-in-class partners. Our unique strategy-driven management philosophy encompasses the 4 essential resource allocation and optimization challenges that are the fundamental corporate value levers: allocation and management of capital resources, capacity resources, human resources and energy and material resources.

Azure Logo International

Azure International is a leading consultancy focused on China’s cleantech energy sector. Founded in 2003, we possess deep experience in the commercialization of energy technologies across a number of sectors and expertise in manufacturing, engineering, end markets, finance, and government policy. Through our partner Azure Cleantech Energy Fund (ACTef), we also invest in promising European and American cleantech startups with market and scalability potential in China. Azure provides the necessary expertise and execution capabilities in China to help address challenges in sourcing, procurement, technology and strategic development.

Climatepartner Logo

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Munich, the climate protection consultancy has associated companies in the USA, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Armenia. ClimatePartner delivers individual climate protection solutions for more than 1,000 customers from all over the world, mainly consisting of large and medium-sized companies. This climate protection consultancy is certified by the technical inspection authority (TÜV) as a provider of IT system solutions for carbon calculation and offsetting. ClimatePartner works closely with environmental organizations and is a member in various international committees.

Autodesk Logo

The unique Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program supports the efforts, innovations, and environmental advancements of clean technology pioneers, by providing world-class software to design, visualize, and simulate their groundbreaking ideas through the creation of digital models and prototypes. The program offers participants software licenses valued at up to €120.000 for just €50. With digital prototypes, clean tech innovators can explore and communicate ideas, test multiple concepts, and accelerate improvements, while supporting the reduction of potentially costly errors. Used by millions of engineers, architects, and design professionals worldwide, Autodesk software helps empower Clean Tech Partners to create a better, more sustainable world. For more information visit or

Xing Events Logo

Xing Events (amiando) offers the easiest way to organize your event. More than 100.000 events worldwide use amiando to sell tickets online and to create professional registration forms for events. Thus your event registration becomes easier for your participants and you save costs and work at the same time when organizing your event.