Ecosummit Media Partners

Ecosummit works together with several Ecosummit Media Partners that provide media reach, market research and access to new markets. We are very grateful for the productive cooperation.

Cleantech Venture Day Logo

Cleantech Venture Day is organised by LADEC (Lahti Region Development Company) since 2006 and is the biggest cleantech investor event in the Nordics. Come and meet the best Nordic cleantech companies and international investors at the 10th anniversary event on 29th October 2015 at Lahti, Finland. LADEC is well connected with the national and international cleantech ecosystems and has partners like Cleantech Invest, Cleantech Scandinavia, FIBAN, Cleantech Finland and Global Cleantech Cluster Association GCCA where LADEC is a founding member. Cleantech Venture Day 2015 aims at facilitating the dialogue and collaboration of corporate, VC and private investors with cleantech companies looking for growth funding.

Cleantech Scandinavia Logo

Cleantech Scandinavia is a privately held membership network of investors and affiliated cleantech professionals that provides market knowledge, contacts and investment opportunities in the Nordic countries. Based in Sweden, Cleantech Scandinavia endeavours to create and enhance Nordic and international cooperation in the cleantech industry and helps investors build up knowledge of the sector.

Since May 2000, VentureCapital Magazin has been delivering high-quality corporate finance information to investors and entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. Editorial focus is placed on private equity, venture capital and buy-out transactions as well as mergers and acquisitions. The monthly column “Deal Monitor“ reports on financing rounds and investment exits among German private equity companies and/or investee companies. VentureCapital Magazin is committed to nurturing the development of the equity and entrepreneur scene. The editorial goal is to provide investors with the best available coverage of market news, competitive environments and industry trends as well as to acquaint managers and entrepreneurs with the many apects of equity financing through expert articles, case studies and success stories.

German Accelerator Logo

The German Accelerator supports German tech startups to enter the U.S. market. We provide startups with hands-on mentoring at our locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York City. The three months program is open to a broad range of startups from ICT related sectors. Ideal participants generate domestic revenue, enjoy customer traction and have the potential for category leadership in a large, global market. During the program, startups face the dynamic and competitive U.S. environment and benchmark product, team, and business model. They actively engage with customers, establish relationships, adjust communication styles, validate product/market fit, and connect with potential investors. Experienced mentors continuously challenge assumptions and provide feedback, while startups execute on reaching set milestones and objectives. Startups have the opportunity to extend their participation in the program for an additional three months. The focus of an extension is on business execution, company building, and financing.

Reset Logo

RESET aims to use innovative technologies to develop new solutions that turn knowledge about sustainable development into effective action, thus making a sustainable future possible. Appealing to individuals, companies, and organisations that are committed to environmental protection and global justice, RESET employs and focuses on TIMES principles (Telecommunications, IT, Media, E-Commerce, Service Provider) to deliver its message and promote change. Via our online platform,, complex issues are broken down and made accessible via daily newsblogs; in-depth reference articles; and practical guides. Heavily engaged in the social business sphere, RESET also focuses on using entrepreneurial means to solve social challenges in ways which add value to society.

Cleantech Republic Logo

Cleantech Republic is an online magazine devoted to green technologies (eco-innovation). Founded by media and web professionals, Cleantech Republic aims to stay abreast of “green” innovations, evaluate their relevance, practices, economic impacts and to facilitate trade and purchase decisions. Cleantech Republic claims a leadership position in this emerging sector with an editorial focus on “Innovation for Sustainable Development”, exclusive and quality content from field interviews (including articles, special files, manuals, studies, video), a modern and open community approach, that gives voices to the world’s experts. Cleantech Republic publishes, an online marketplace which allows cleantech vendors to develop their reputation and influence on the Internet thanks to quality contents: infomercials, buyers guides, white papers and sponsored WebTV with the objective to generate qualified leads. Cleantech Republic is also the founder of Young Eco-Innovative Company Awards presented annually in partnership with Oseo and the daily economic newspaper La Tribune.