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Ecosummit 2011 was supported by a large group of media partners. Thanks a lot for your support!

ECO11 Media Partners

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is an industry research firm focused on helping energy professionals generate opportunities. With a team of experts spread across six continents, BNEF provides independent analysis and insight, enabling decision-makers to navigate change in an evolving energy economy.

Since May 2000, VentureCapital Magazin has been delivering high-quality corporate finance information to investors and entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. Editorial focus is placed on private equity, venture capital and buy-out transactions as well as mergers and acquisitions. The monthly column “Deal Monitor“ reports on financing rounds and investment exits among German private equity companies and/or investee companies. VentureCapital Magazin is committed to nurturing the development of the equity and entrepreneur scene. The editorial goal is to provide investors with the best available coverage of market news, competitive environments and industry trends as well as to acquaint managers and entrepreneurs with the many apects of equity financing through expert articles, case studies and success stories.

ENERGLOBE.DE is an online magazine which covers all aspects of energy matters: business, science & technology, politics, environmental and climate change issues. Its editorial office is located in Berlin close to the government district. It is published in German but takes a global look on energy. is a leading online business magazine for all those who are interested in Cleantech topics. Chief editor is the PR Consultant Martin Jendrischik and its main topics, mostly reported from a German and European point of view, are especially clean and renewable energy, electric mobility, energy efficiency, clean production, smart grid and smart metering. News, background stories, interviews and company profiles are daily shown in an editorial way. was founded in January 2009 and meanwhile is highly accepted in the German und European Cleantech business community. Chief editor Martin Jendrischik will blog and tweet (@cleanthinking) live from Ecosummit 2011. wants to encourage millions of people to make a permanent change in their consumer behavior and lifestyle. The website provides information that enables consumers to make more conscious choices and support environmentally friendly products and fair working conditions throughout the world with every purchase. Together with the Utopians, we want to provide a strong impetus to businesses to make them realize that it is right and important to behave in a sustainable way economically, ecologically and socially. Utopia wants to encourage a process of dialog on the topic of sustainability between all of society’s stakeholders and to become a driver of the Green Economic Miracle. supplies information on news on the domestic internet start-up scene on a daily basis. Interviews, portraits of individual start-ups and founders, as well as market census data on interesting segments complete the wealth of daily news. The comprehensive range of information on German start-ups is rounded up by background information on investors, business angels, as well as guest articles by prominent founders and other internet personalities. Over time this results in a reference work on German ideas, concepts, founders, investors and start-ups. The target group of German start-ups are both up-and-coming and established founders, investors and all interested internet enthusiasts wishing to gather comprehensive and exhaustive information on aspiring German start-ups. is arguably the most read blog in this segment.

Foerderland is a web portal that gives founders and young entrepreneurs all the tools, knowledge and news they need to start and sustain their start-up projects. Emerging enterprises tell about their ideas and obstacles to be surpassed, investors talk about the ways of their business, startup experts inform about legal, organizational and marketing matters. If you want to come in touch with all those people, if you want to boost your own project by discussing it with the start-up crowd, if you want to learn and improve your business performance – we welcome you at our site!

Glocalist Media – Media for Sustainbility (estbl. 2003, Berlin) publishes three products: Glocalist Daily News: 10-15 daily news about Sustainability and green ventures. Glocalist Review: The only weekly E-Journal for Sustainability in Europe. Glocalist Magazine: Monthly print magazine for Sustainability. Editor is Christian Neugebauer. The weekly and monthly editions are published in German and English. So far about 2.500 authors wrote for Glocalist and about 5.000 news and articles are published. Glocalist Media is dedicated to foster Sustainability and Human Rights. The company is capital-based and runs the business according to priniciples of Social Business.

natur+kosmos – the magazine for nature, environment and sustainable living. Everyone talks about sustainability. natur+kosmos pulls back the drapes on what it means to live it. Sustainability is our central subject matter, our message, our motivation. With exciting articles, authoritative commentaries, and breathtaking photo essays, natur+kosmos is dedicated like no other magazine to understanding the complex global interconnections between nature, humankind, and technology. We offer indispensable guidance to our readership, people who wish to consume ethically, green, people who think long-term and yearn to preserve our planet and its resources.

greenbuilding is a journal dealing with all aspects of sustainable planning and building as well as management of property. Climate protection and the consideration of our resources are some of today’s most important challenges. Architects, civil engineers, city planners and home owners assume responsibility, as building is a human activity with high material and energy consumption. Selective use of renewable energies or ecological building materials is not enough to meet the requirements. Sustainable buildings need a holistic approach. Each issue of greenbuilding focuses on a special topic and presents exemplary solutions for new buildings and renovations, products, materials and systems.

Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor is published by New Energy World Network. Our mission is to inform and connect the global green investment community. We promote and facilitate investment in innovation by providing the latest news, views and analysis from the leaders, experts and shapers of the industry. We serve the information needs of active investors, innovators and deal-makers operating in the global environmental technology and renewable energy sectors. Our readers include: investment professionals from over 1,000 investment institutions and 400 private equity and venture capital firms; company executives from over 2,000 innovative energy and technology companies; and deal-makers from over 1,200 advisory firms, including investment banks, law firms and consultants. is an online German-language magazine focused on sustainable investments. Founded in 1996 and based in Dortmund, provides well-founded and reliable articles and reports on sustainable investment products and providers, and also contributes to various print magazines and TV programmes as a subject matter expert.

Founded in 2008, Cleantuesday is a non-profit organisation aiming to support the development of Cleantech in France and abroad. Cleantuesday has acquired in less than two years a great capital of notoriety and has secured a unique position in the emerging world of Cleantech actors. Cleantuesday brings together the community of Cleantech professionals: Startups, SME, large corporations, investors and local authorities. Cleantuesday is now active in several regions in France and abroad.

The film THE 4TH REVOLUTION – Energy Autonomy shows that a complete changeover of the world’s energy-supply system to renewable energies can – and must – take place. The commitment and the projects of the film’s ten main protagonists all over the world demonstrate what kind of opportunities are offered by such a revolutionary transition – they include such issues as sustainable economic development, new mobility concepts, social and ecological justice, development in the Third World and the fight against poverty. The film became the most successful documentary in German cinemas 2010.

The aim of enorm is expressly not to lecture, there will be no raised forefinger, it will not value and judge but remain neutral and impartial in reporting the new economic approach and its opportunities. The focus of the magazine will be upon the movers and shakers, their projects and goals. Stories are drawn primarily from the fields of Social Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Ethical Management, CSR, Foundations, Charity etc. enorm is oriented towards people with an interest in business and social affairs, who believe in social change and wish to work towards this. To people who are open to new ideas. People responsible for social change in the fields of politics, business, foundations and NGOs. People who wish to escape the rat race and achieve a self-determined existence. People who wish their children and grandchildren to inherit a world in which it is worth living. People who wish to help other people. People who are enthusiastic about the idea of Social Business, who wish to develop this area for themselves and become part of the movement.

The Handelsblatt Business Briefing Nachhaltige Investments is a monthly newsletter in PDF-form. It is free of charge. Its main aim is to inform institutional and private investors as well as investment consultants and asset managers – but with a very special emphasis. What makes the newsletter different from others is that it focuses on an ever expanding market related to corporate responsibility and corporate sustainability. This should also be of great interest to companies, IR-professionals and analysts concerned with the ethics of investments. It covers environmental, social and governance issues as well as trends in the market of socially responsible investments and cleantech. Furthermore it sets out to explain the impact of sustainability in mainstream stocks/shares analysis and asset management, and indeed what investors expect. The newsletter also investigates and comments on products and concepts in addition to providing exclusive evaluations of firms and sectors. Finally, Susanne Bergius and Stefan Schneider, who are recognized independent experts in their fields, offer high-quality guidance for making responsible decisions, all with the goal of achieving a “double yield”: financial profits and incentives for a future-oriented, competitive business.

Cleantech Investor is a UK based media company providing business intelligence for the Cleantech economy. Publications include Cleantech magazine, the Quoted Cleantech newsletter and the Cleantech Infocus series. Cleantech Investor runs events in conjunction with partners, including the Cleantech Investor NEXUS live broadcast event series.

forum CSR is a platform for all those who take responsibility for a sustainable development in business, politics, sciences and consumption. forum CSR quarterly publishes the leading German print magazine on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a spin-off of the world wide distributed magazine on CSR featuring a wide variety of discussions about sustainable development. Among central CSR issues we report on challenges and solutions for climate change, renewable energies, carbon management, green building, communities, mobility, green IT, human resource management, green money, globalization and eco tourism. We present outstanding pioneers and Think Tanks, associations and NGOs. Together we shed light on the link between competitive advantage and CSR, explore mega trends and the future of sustainable development and CSR.

facunda green is editorial office and consultant for the topics cleantech, green invest, greentech and sustainability. facunda green is the editorial office for the finance portal Tatjana Scharl (CEO) and Florian Oswald established the company in 2010. facunda green is situated in Munich, Germany, and is part of the facunda group.

Established in 2006, Wattgehtab has continued to report the latest developments in the fields of hybrid and electric vehicles and alternative transportation systems. Wattgehtab is the independent source for national and international news covering a wide variety of topics such as commercial vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, electric bikes and charging infrastructure. The lively discussions in the forum, on Facebook and Twitter (@wattgehtab) prove that Wattgehtab has become a recognised platform for e-mobility news.

B.A.U.M. supports its member companies in developing and implementing an environment oriented corporate culture and operating sustainably. We aim at sensitizing the economy, politics and society for provident environmental protection and sustainable development. Being Europe’s largest environmental initiative with more than 500 member companies from different areas of business and of all sizes, B.A.U.M.’s work also has an important sociopolitical function. B.A.U.M. brings in its competence into the political discussion and is particularly dedicated to its members’ concerns. B.A.U.M. was the first environmental business association to be decorated by the UNEP and to be recorded to the “Global 500 Roll of Honor”.

The German Federal Association for eMobility (Bundesverband eMobilität, BEM) supports the shift towards electric powertrains, powered by renewable energies. Seeing electromobilty as a sustainable and multi-modal transport concept, we consult companies of the eMobility industry and improve the legal framework. To reach these goals, we establish networks between political, economical and scientific players, we promote eMobility on the street and we are engaged for improvements in the infrastructure of eMobility. Regarding a changing society which knows its social and ecological responsibilities, BEM wants to create fascination for electromobility on a daily basis, offering new electric vehicles for everyone.

German Electric Vehicle Congress – Electric Vehicles for Unlimited Mobility – More than 520 participants, high profile speakers and an excellent exhibition led to the success of the “First German Electric Vehicle Congress”. On June 8th + 9th 2011 the Third German Electric Vehicle Congress will take place at the World Conference Center Bonn. Top-class speakers from the automotive industry (OEM and suppliers), the energy industry, the electrical sector, politics and research will be presenting their current developments, including representatives of the following companies/institutes/associations: Audi, AVL List, BMW, BMU, BYD, Continental, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Ernst & Young, Ford Werke, IAV, IBM Research Division, MWME-NRW, Nissan International, Bosch, Roland Berger, RWE, Siemens, Vodafone, Volkswagen.

CleanEnergy Project is an international network and communication platform for renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmental issues. The CleanEnergy Project offers an online magazine and a fast growing social community. Integrated is an agency for PR and communication which supports and initializes events, cooperation and partnering programs for ecological and sustainable concepts.

RESET is a German information and activism platform for a sustainable planet. It offers news and services as an information portal, as a charity platform and as a donation guide focused on independent charity projects in the field of global justice, human rights and environmental issues. The website combines news and background information with the option of easy and direct action and support. RESET addresses users who are interested in ecological and humanitarian issues and feel the urge to take action and to participate in shaping a sustainable future. Registered users network and interact in a strong community and have the option to publish and share their own news and charitable projects. In this spring, RESET will expand its platform focusing on India and later on China. Reaching beyond mere localization, RESET intends to establish long-term collaboration with locals, whose countries will become the major emitters of carbon dioxide in the near future.

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and describes an integrated, rapidly growing market for goods and services that appeal to consumers who have a meaningful sense of environmental and social responsibility and incorporate those values into their purchase decisions, focused on sustainable living, health and fitness, the environment, personal development and social justice. The interconnections between global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems play a large role in the holistic worldview of the typical LOHAS Consumer, but equally important are the interconnections of mind, body and spirit within individuals. was founded in Germany 2005, and today you can find LOHAS activities in USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China and Europe.

Skipso is a new online platform and business marketplace entirely focused on Cleantech and Sustainable Innovation. Skipso’s virtual ecosystem helps Cleantech companies, innovators and entrepreneurs around the world kick-start their projects, grow their business, accelerate their innovation process and find resources more efficiently and at lower costs.

CleanTechies is a leading career and business site on clean technology. It covers key industry trends, offers relevant career services, and provides industry-specific resources, including hundreds of user-submitted events and jobs. CleanTechies was recognized as a Best Business Blog by the Weblog Awards in 2009.

WaterVent takes place on april 12th 2011 in Zurich at the premises of Swiss Exchange. The 1st edition of october 2010 in Berlin was a remarkable success. WaterVent presents water technology entrepreneurs to investors. For the first time ever, WaterVent focuses financial needs of water technology entrepreneurs presenting to cleantech venture capitalists, private equity and corporate investors. Some keynotes and get-togethers are encompassing the event.