ECO14 Award Jury

Ecosummit Award

The ECO14 Award jury decides which startups win the €6K prize money and includes smart green industry experts representing VCs, accelerators, corporates, service providers and specialised press. Jury members are welcome to propose award candidates and contact the ECO14 Award Nominees to learn more about their startups. Here you can find the ECO13 Award jury and ECO12 Award jury.

Fundable smart green startups are welcome to apply until 20 May 2014 to get the attention of our outstanding smart green jury. Then the judges select their 3 winners from the list of ECO14 Award Nominees until 25 May 2014 by sending their individual top 3 votes (Gold 3 points, Silver 2 points and Bronze 1 point) with short statements to the Ecosummit team. The 3 startups collecting the most points win the award.

39 ECO14 Award jury members voted for their 3 favourite startups. We are very grateful for their support:

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