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We reduce the complexity of your Enterprise Sustainability Management.

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WeSustain was founded in 2010 by an experienced management team that worked for nearly a decade in the SAP ecosystem. The company today is recognized as the leading provider of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM). WeSustain received support for its inception and growth by the European Union and the German Province of Lower Saxony.

WeSustain is the provider for effective and holistic sustainability management. Our modular and easy-to-use software does not only support efficient and reliable Sustainability Reporting, but also provides solutions for all relevant functions beyond reporting to advance effective sustainability management.

Our comprehensive suite of applications supports Sustainability Strategy Definition and Governance, CO2 Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Procurement as well as Stakeholder and Issue Management. We designed the suite specifically for the industry’s needs so you gain the maximum benefit for your integrated Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM).

Using the latest technology to collect data from the different departments enables us to efficiently set up a modern ESM system in national and multinational corporations. Clarity and transparency are the foundation of sustainability reporting, especially in complex and decentralized organization structures. WeSustain ESM supports reporting based on many of the world’s common reporting standards, such as GRI, RSPO, SAM or IÖW.

Smart Green Product

WeSustain’s product is a web service (software-as-a-service) for Enterprise Sustainability Managment that easily integrates with partner applications and offers the following advantages:

  • Stop digging for data to get a report done, start an active Sustainability Management
  • Transparency in all sustainability data for your corporation
  • Speed up Sustainability Reporting via guided procedures and automated data collection
  • One platform for your sustainability strategy