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AquaStill desalination ultra simple equipment works with only one moving component under atmospheric pressure, at low energy cost.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: TMW Technologies
  • Country of origin: France
  • Company address: 6, Place de la République Dominicaine, 75017 Paris, France
  • Founding year: 1999
  • Company status: private company
  • Website:
  • Contact person: Antoine Gourdon, Business Development Director, TMW
  • CEO: Philippe Bertin (Photo)

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Elevator Pitch

TMW is a water treatment OEM company willing to sell desalination and liquid waste concentration equipment to engineering and integrator companies or directly to industrial end users. It was founded by an inventor and active business angels. We focus on two main markets: the industrial liquid waste concentration market and the desalination market (especially the small capacity niche market in the beginning). On the industrial liquid waste market we offer ECOSTILL, low cost equipment for small capacities (50 – 1000 m3/year) without competition. On the desalination market we offer AQUASTILL, extremely simple equipment requiring basic skills and low energy costs. Our equipment is built with plastic material and therefore not prone to corrosion and enabling mass production with a standard modular design.

Smart Green Product

TMW has developed a proprietary breakthrough innovative distillation technology (MHD). It offers two applications: industrial waste water concentration branded ECOSTILL, and drinking water production by seawater desalination branded AQUASTILL. MHD equipments are simple, robust and modular. They exhibit very low energy consumption, compared to other desalination technologies (reverse osmosis, MED, humidification/dehumidification and membrane distillation). The modular design enables large capacity plants by stacking the modules. ECOSTILL is an equipment for industrial wastewater concentration by evaporation. It reduces industrial wastewater volume and produces pure water which can be reused or safely discharged in the environment. First modules have been sold in 2011 and industrialization is scheduled during 2012 for deployment. AQUASTILL is an equipment for production of drinking water from seawater. It requires less energy than classical technologies.


  • Funding: €3.5M
  • Investors: confidential
  • Employees: 2010: 5, 2011: 7, 2012E: 12
  • Revenues: 2011: €110K, 2012E: €1.2M
  • Customers: AORA Solar and CEA
  • Partners: Total and Schneider Electric

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