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Social Car helps reduce the number of vehicles and emissions by renting private cars among neighbours. We help create smart green cities.

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Social Car is an Internet based P2P platform where car owners can safely rent their car to their neighbours. It connects drivers approved by its system with available vehicles that meet the established requirements. The owner has the power to accept or decline the request. The company suggests an indicative base price, though it is the owner who finally sets the price. According to Spanish insurance legislation Social Car offers a compulsory insurance for owners including all coverage for renting a car plus technical assistance during the ride. This insurance does not raise the rental price. Through its online platform, Social Car performs the complete service management, including user authentication, booking and reservation control, user assistance, insurance application process, as well as the collection of rental fees from drivers and the subsequent monthly payment to owners. Social Car gets 15% commission per rental. Social Car provides a sustainable mobility alternative to traditional transport models, promoting the rational use of vehicles, the interaction between members of a community, and favoring initiatives such as the reduction of emissions.

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Social Car is an efficient and flexible transport management service, according to the current challenges of sustainable mobility. Social Car is a business model that helps car owners and drivers address the issue of individuals having their second most valuable asset sitting idle for most of the time. We feel that this business liaises very well with our partner Social Energy, a renewable energy engineering company. We perceive the photovoltaic industry to be shifting from large ground mounted utility scale installations towards small and decentralized roof top systems. We want to be able to build a community and serve the citizens that have decided they prefer a more rational, cost-efficient and environmental friendly consumption of their energy and mobility needs. Several studies reveal that carsharing P2P schemes in urban areas in Europe help to reduce the number of cars out on the street. Strong urbanization, with around 75% living in urban areas in Europe, inherently leads to acute awareness of space limitations, road congestion and eco-degradation due to increased road transport emissions. For instance, a report from Eurostat and Mobility CarSharing confirm significant emission reductions are possible through carsharing use.

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  • Funding: confidential
  • Investors: Social Energy
  • Employees: 2012E: 6
  • Revenues: confidential
  • Customers: 2.000 vehicles and 50.000 drivers registered
  • Awards: Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs Recognition

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