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Our p2p car sharing service reduces the amount of cars on streets and leads to efficient vehicle use by connecting renters with lenders.

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Rent-n-roll is the first full mobile online provider of private car sharing in Germany with focus on local markets. Conveniently accessible via PC or smartphone app, our platform allows private persons to rent their cars to other people in their neighboorhoods. We provide search, booking and payment functions as well as mutual customer reviews and collaborate with the well-known German insurance company R+V in order to provide a no-fault-, damage- and public liability-insurance for cars during the entire rental period. Rent-n-roll finances itself by a small service fee and a commission paid by the car owner for each car sharing deal. To investigate whether private car sharing is also feasible in more rural areas, we have started a special car sharing project in Geislingen (near Stuttgart), supported by the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Environment Nurtingen-Geislingen, the major of Geislingen and the local car sharing club. By combining national and regional approaches, we therefore aspire to give peer-to-peer car sharing the status it deserves.

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Cars tend to be lazy, relaxing in their garages 23 hours a day. So one might ask: Is this really necessary? We do not think so. Instead, there is a big leeway for efficient car usage. Therefore, we enable private people to affordably rent cars online from car owners, who in turn can compensate for their monthly expenses. Targeting more than 42 million German cars, we strive to develop the inherent potential for sustainable car usage to the full. Our peer-to-peer car sharing service is also a perfect example of the global movement towards Collaborative Consumption, an economic model based on sharing and bartering as opposed to ownership. We have jumped on the bandwagon towards sustainable mobility and believe private car rental to be an essential means to permanently reduce the amount of cars on streets. Rent-n-rolling means taking action against environmental pollution and congestion. This is only made possible because the image of cars as status symbols declines in strength. Instead, access trumps possession. After car ownership, car sharing and ride sharing, peer-to-peer car rental is currently the youngest step in the evolution of the car market sector.

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  • Customers: Car owners and drivers