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Pyrum Innovations turns rubber and polymer wastes into oil and carbon which can be used to create new products.

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  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: Pyrum Innovations ESC GmbH
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Company address: Dieselstraße 8, 66763 Dillingen/Saar, Germany
  • Founding year: 2008
  • Company status: private company
  • Website:
  • Contact person: Etienne Schumacher, Sales Manager, Pyrum Innovations,
  • CEO: Pascal Klein (Photo)

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Elevator Pitch

Pyrum Innovations’ objective is to reduce the constantly increasing number of rubber and polymer waste in the world. We have created a clean process with very few emissions: Pyrum Thermolysis. Thanks to this type of treatment, we have the possibility to transform polymer waste into highly demanded raw materials. The founders of the company are Pascal Klein and Julien Dossmann. The business model is to sell turn-key plants all over the world to, for example, rubber manufacturers or recycling companies. The current market of tire recycling is only using granulators or combustion units. The used tires market is growing. Dumps are more and more full of tires. We cannot granulate everything. The demand is saturating, while the offer is increasing. This situation will help us to gain the market easily. The growing prices for raw materials will also help our process to gain market shares. More than that, each country has to solve its energy problems alone in the future. We cannot continue to be dependent on some countries where most of the time there are political troubles. Being energetically independent is the ultimate condition for ever country. Creating energy is one thing, creating it in an effective and environmental friendly way is another. Pyrum can offer that.

Smart Green Product

Our unique process is patented. The energies and raw materials our process outputs are either sold or reused for our proper needs (in order to keep the Thermolysis unit energetically autonomous). There is no real competition in the Thermolysis sector. The current recycling actors are most of the time only granulating or burning all their polymer waste. For the moment, there is no real tire Thermolysis recycling system available on the market. In addition, Pyrum Innovations benefits from over 40 years of experience in the thermal recycling field, and owns all the know-how needed to build turn-key industrial units. However, there are some firms pretending having found the way to recycle tires thanks to a pyrolysis method. Unfortunately, most of them are having a process that is presenting some technical or economical troubles (low quality products, huge emissions, high energy costs). We have no CO2 emissions in our process, we create new raw materials thanks to waste. With this technology it wouldn´t longer be useful to burn tires or other polymer waste. That saves also a lot of CO2. Thanks to our process, scrap tires or polymer waste will no longer be considered as waste but as a renewable raw material.

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  • Funding: confidential
  • Investors: confidential
  • Employees: 2010: 1, 2011: 7, 2012E: 20
  • Revenues: 2010: €30K, 2011: €900K, 2012E: €3M
  • Customers: Saargummi
  • Milestones: Supported by the European Union, first industrial plant is being built now.

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