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We change the world with energy! Polarstern’s 100% natural energy for U & families in developing countries.

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The German energy market is undergoing a fundamental change from a supplier-driven market to a customer-driven market. At the same time, green energy is in demand as never before. Nearly two thirds of the German population wants to use renewable energies within the next eight years. That means a nine-fold increase up to 26 Million households. Two factors are keys to success: process excellence and branding excellence. Polarstern stands for a new generation of cutting -dge utilities that targets both success factors: we credibly cut our own, new path when it comes to product design and marketing. In this way, our customer acquisition cost will undercut that of the competitors by factor three. Our online-based, flexible and lean processes are easily scalable and enable expansion to further countries. Polarstern is the first utility that supplies end-consumers all over Germany with 100% green power as well as 100% green gas. Our unique green gas trading system makes our gas extremely competitive. With each new customer Polarstern provides clean energy for one family in a developing country. The three founders are highly educated in business management. We combine eight years of startup experience as well as ten years of energy market know-how.

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We change the world with energy! 100% green power is great. But 100% green gas is even greater. While power represents 13% of energy consumption of private households, heating stands for 75%. Our innovative 100% green gas product is based on waste materials and traded through our own green gas trading system. Combination of both allows pricing advantages by 50%. Therefore, it is the first green gas product with competitive pricing and huge environmental benefit on the same time. The development of the product was supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology and certified by TÜV Nord. Due to that, Polarstern enables a wide range of 40 Million households to change to green power and 12 Million households to change to green gas: at fair costs, easy and save. The energy turnaround is a truly global task and only together we will break it. With each new customer Polarstern provides clean energy for one family in a developing country and thus, supports the beginning of a better life. One for one. We turn energy into a lifestyle product. Naturally our branding clearly differentiates us from existing energy suppliers.


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