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PocketTaxi is the first commuter optimized dynamic ridesharing service. Sharing a ride can halve the traffic, the emissions and the costs.

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Do you think that it is inefficient traveling alone in one car? But at the same time you don’t want to commit yourself to an inflexible carpool? PocketTaxi provides the first commuter optimized dynamic ridesharing service. A world leading matching algorithm enables commuters to find and change carpools with only a few clicks. It makes commuters stay flexible while carpooling, an advantage especially interesting for flextime workers. Ratings, authentication and profiles make the system safe. The potential is immense. 19.5 million of the 30 million German commuters commute with their own car to work often having monthly costs of more than 135€. 1.5 million already commute as a passenger in a car, using telephone calls or emails for arrangements. Corporates are interested in increasing their CSR, their employee satisfaction and their infrastructure savings. Siemens and EnBW will be the first companies to implement PocketTaxis commuter optimized dynamic ridesharing solution from March 2012 on. PocketTaxi started as a student project in 2009 in close cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It was founded by Stefan Ostwald, Lukas Brückner, Felix Döpp and Thomas von der Ohe.

Smart Green Product

PocketTaxi’s innovative technology is based on a leading matching algorithm which allows users to enter start and destination points by the exact address e.g. via a map. A maximum detour input by the driver is enough to find every possible matching within a fraction of a second. A carpool of three commuters can save up to 540 kg of CO2 emissions per month. 5% of German commuters (1.5 million) would save up to 270.000 tons of CO2 emissions per month. In addition, further savings in particulate matter are achieved.


  • Funding: private, scholarships and various challenges
  • Investors: confidential
  • Employees: 2010: 6, 2011: 9, 2012E: 12
  • Revenues: confidential
  • Customers: among others EnBW and Siemens
  • Milestones: among others support by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, winner of “Die Übermorgenmacher” – a challenge by the state of Baden Württemberg and the Südwestrundfunk, winner “Herausforderung Unternehmertum” – a challenge by the Heinz Nixdorf foundation and the Foundation of German Business, winner “Ideeninitiative Zukunft” – a challenge by DM and the German UNESCO.