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The Oree LightCell enables smarter, more efficient lighting design. Imagine a world with transparent, ultra efficient lighting.

Company Information

  • ECO12 Award category: Startup
  • Company name: Oree Advanced Illumination Solutions Ltd.
  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Company address: Bet-Or, 30 Tuval Str., Ramat-Gan 52522, Israel
  • Founding year: 2006
  • Company status: private company
  • Website: www.oree-inc.com
  • Contact person: Yoav Bar, European Marketing & Sales Manager, yoav@oree-inc.com
  • CEO: Eran Fine (Photo)

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Elevator Pitch

Oree is the leading supplier of LED planar lighting modules by providing the thinnest, most efficient and cost effective planar lighting solution to date. Founded by Eran Fine in 2006, the company has been developing and improving its LightCell continuously to its current point; a 2.5mm thin module providing over 80 lm/W and a superb light quality of 95 CRI. With high volume production in Asia, Oree is serving users in France, China, US, Spain and Germany, both designers and lighting companies that are developing state of the art fixtures which are not only the thinnest in the world but are also cost effective and with unmatched energy efficiency. From office lighting to table lamps via amazing under cabinet applications, Oree’s LightCell is a truly disruptive technology. The estimated LED fixture market in 2016 is $50B worldwide. Oree considers its business potential as virtually limitless, especially if taking into account the fact that no similar product is currently available.

Smart Green Product

Why is a flat light source so revolutionary? Well, it significantly reduces any design’s carbon footprint from just about every angle; from the design and all the way to installation. With less material required for fixture construction, less volume for packaging, less weight for shipping, and less installation space needed. The advantages are clear – yet the form factor alone is only half the story. Oree’s LightCell is also among the most efficient LED light sources around and has an exceptional light quality on top of everything. The LightCell (only 2.5mm thick) incorporates state of the art die packaging technologies, remote phosphor and proprietary optical design to achieve perfect uniformity over the entire surface, and high efficiency. Oree has a very strong IP portfolio, with over 30 registered patents (approved and pending) covering processes and software. The LightCell has a modular design, which allows great flexibility and makes it the ideal product for any widespread light source – starting with office lighting and all the way to shop and hospitality lighting. We’ve known the world isn’t flat for hundreds of years now – Oree wants you to think it over once again.

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  • Funding: confidential
  • Investors: Gimv and Genesis Partners
  • Employees: confidential
  • Revenues: confidential
  • Customers: confidential