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Novihum, the new humus, will contribute worldwide to improving harvest, fighting desertification, remediation and storage of CO2 in depleted land. Our product enables almost any soil-type to become more productive, increasing both the quantity and quality of plant growth while decreasing the need for fertilizers. Novihum is the first worldwide artificial humus which in its concentration as a soil conditioner compares with the natural permanent humus cultivated in fertile land. It combines all the positive qualities of the natural humus soil – the elixir of life! The growing demand for agricultural products and natural resources, combined with rapid urbanization and a growing public concern for the environment, have together increased the need for organic fertilization and land reclamation. As a result, there is now a large market potentials for sustainable soil conditioners. As a future oriented biotech business, we are committed to the development and advancement of sustainable soil improvers. We stand for innovative production process and distribution methods in large and dynamic markets, and look to address some of the most pressing needs of people, as well as companies and countries in that sector.

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Soil’s elixir of life. Novihum is the first worldwide artificial but organic humus, which compares to the natural permanent humus cultivated in fertile land. It combines all the positive qualities of natural humus. Novihum provides a constant flow of nutrients of soil over years, and acts as the bridge between the living plants, organisms and dead organic matter. Novihum Biotech takes the transformation process of plants, humus and brown coal a step backward: Artificial humus can be produced from the natural substances like soft brown coal or lignin in an environmentally friendly process with natural materials. What takes half a century in nature, takes just a few hours in our bio-reactor. The impact of Novihum can be shown by these figures. With 0.25–1.25kg Novihum one SQM of earth can be made sustainably fertile for 5-10 years. In Central Africa, a family of ten can feed itself from an arable area of 300 SQM. To improve such an area for a period of five years with the product Novihum would cost approximately 5 Euro per person per year. In addition to agriculture in arid regions, the product is cost-effective for fighting desertification, remediation of depleted and contaminated land, as well as uses in winegrowing, garden and horticulture. An organic water-storing polymer based on the same input is in the final stages of R&D, reducing irrigation need by up to 80%. This could further enhance the products potential to address some of the most pressing issues of the next decades sustainably.

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